5 Tips to Make Your Week Less Chaotic and More Manageable


It’s Sunday evening and after an awesome day with my church family, my afternoon #nap is interrupted by the stress of my upcoming week’s “to do” list.  I stumble into the kitchen and my red pot is staring right at me, it’s calling my name and reminding me that time is ticking and #Sunday is coming to an end. 

Make Your Week More Manageable and Less Chaotic: My 5 Tips Abby Ape Contributor Miami Moms Blog

I haven’t reviewed my week, finished my laundry and meal prep who?  Girl bye, I’m so behind!   I can picture my week starting in chaos because of my lack of preparation… 

I comfort myself because it’s only 6:42 and I have a few hours to prepare for the week!  Phew, insert praise break…

Make Your Week More Manageable and Less Chaotic: My 5 Tips Abby Ape Contributor Miami Moms Blog

All jokes aside, we’ve all been there, right? 

Personally, after many burnt meals, stressed weeks and overbooked days I’ve picked up a few tips that help my weeks feel less chaotic and way more manageable. 

Here Are My Top 5 Tips! 

Organize Your Schedule

  • Take a glance at your week and try to plan ahead.  Go day by day and take things into account like traffic, drive times, etc.  Remember special events or birthdays you may be forgetting. 

Meal Prep & Grocery Shop for the Week

  • Meal planning is a lifesaver, your wallet will thank you and you will feel less rushed before dinner time by planning your meals ahead of time.  Meal planning looks different for everyone.  I print a few recipes out for the week and decide what we will eat the evening prior. 


  • Make time in your schedule to refuel.  This can look like reading, a coffee date with your girlfriend, working out or whatever floats your boat.
  • You have to fight for your sanity so do your best to make self-care a part of your day
    • Personally, since I drive a lot, I look forward to sipping on my cup of coffee and meeting my favorite podcasters for a car ride full of thoughts and my favorite drink. 
    • On the opposite end, if I end up feeling overwhelmed throughout my day, I do my best to communicate with my family and take a 5-minute break.  During my break, I retreat, rest and recharge as best as I can.  It usually takes a minute of prayer to realize that all will be OK! Ooooosa! 

Mentally Prepare

  • Mentally prepare for Monday!  Pray, meditate, do whatever it takes to change any negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.  Pull the weeds and plant the flowers.
  • Things to consider… glance back at your previous week and see what the high and the low of the weekend were.  How can you replicate the HIGH? What can you do to improve your LOW?

Schedule Time With Your Husband/Partner 

  • Make an effort to spend quality time with your husband/partner.  Plan to go out on a date, go for a walk or make dinner “special” 😉 Whatever it is, make an effort to have a memorable evening to nurture your marriage. 
    • Think of ways to love your husband even better this week, i.e. cook his favorite meal, buy him a special gift, “special” you know what, etc!

My top 5 tips have saved me from tears and stress, and while I’m still learning, I’ve realized that preparing for my week makes me a better human! 

What are a few tips you have to share that help you to prepare for your week?


  1. Thanks for including relationship building/maintenance in the organizational mix. I feel I’ve often overlooked that or not prioritize it as much as I should have.

  2. Love it Abi! Planning the week ahead on Sunday evening has helped me so much as well. 🙂 and “fighting for your sanity” yes yes yes!

    • So happy to hear that Ashley, isn’t it the best? Mondays feel more manageable when we are prepared. Thanks for sharing, sending you virtual hugs.

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