5 Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Boys in Miami


We love birthday parties at my house! However, when my son hit 13 it seemed harder to make the perfect party plan for teenage boys in Miami. The problem is that although my son loves being celebrated, he doesn’t like to let on that he loves being celebrated, nor does he offer any suggestions on what he might like best. #typticalteen I’ve got you covered with these tried and true 5 creative birthday party ideas for teenage boys in Miami. 

BUT with a little planning and a few good friends, we have had so much fun celebrating his teenage birthdays in Miami.

This is how it all went down:

Fishing Trip (Celebrating 13)

Young Men and the Sea, with fishing rods and a cooler full of coke was the perfect birthday celebration for his 13th birthday. We used our favorite boat rental service, Boatsetter (think VRBO for boats) and found a boat + fishing captain large enough for 3 young fishermen and the birthday boy’s mom and dad to tag along.

Paint Ball (Celebrating 14)

It’s perfect. Boys being boys chasing each other around a field and playing good-guys vs. bad-guys just like when they were little. Miami Family Paint Ball Center is open 7 days a week, with picnic tables next to the playing field that are perfect for a picnic and celebratory birthday cake.

Sharp Objects (Celebrating 15)

Can you imagine a place where they encourage people to throw sharp objects across the room? Extreme Axe is “South Florida’s first indoor axe throwing experience offering competitive and recreational player-interactive targets” and will allow anyone who can wield an axe over 8 years old “participate” (i.e. throw an axe across the room!).

Extreme Axe takes walk-ins if you are looking for a last minute celebration idea OR you can book an event. Catering options vary depending on the location you choose. 

Steak (Celebrating 16)

Sweet 16 felt like it should be extra special and nothing is more special to my baby boy then STEAK! He liked the idea of his best buddies dining over white tablecloths with a big plate of red meat.

I did my homework and found out that all of the 5 star steak restaurants in Miami basically charged the same price per person, so we decided to take our Texas born child to the Texas based Perry’s in the Shops of Merrick Village .

We told the boys they could select whatever they wanted from the menu. Much to our surprise one of Charlie’s friends decided to begin his meal with escargot which was a FUN way to introduce the rest of the bunch to this delicacy. The best part of the night was having 5 happy teenage boys sharing our table over laughter and good food.

NASCAR Race (17)

My son loves watching sports on TV. Usually they involve balls, but he EVEN likes to watch cars race around tracks for hours at a time!

Since birthing a boy I have learned that not all professional car races are the same! Depending on the car or type of track might change the whole race. It has been a lot to learn but all I really needed to know is that my son loves NASCAR best.

According to Wikipedia “The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, LLC (NASCAR) is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company that is best known for stock car racing… Each year, NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 48 US states.” Lucky for us one of those races takes place at the Homestead–Miami Speedway, a motor racing track located in Homestead, Florida.

celebrating your 17th birthday
Celebrating his 17th birthday at the NASCAR race.

For his seventeenth birthday celebration, my husband and I followed my son and three of his friends, in a second car to the Homestead Speedway for the annual NASCAR race. We packed a cooler of water and Dr. Pepper and a pair of noise canceling headphones for all 6 of us.

The weather in February at the track was just perfect! Breezy and not too hot and the “short” NASAR race in Homestead, lasted for about 3 hours, the perfect length for a Sunday school night. the NASCAR world 3 hours is a “short race” but in my opinion it was the perfect amount of time to be at the track with the boys. We ended our day with a Red Lobster dinner and had the boys home by 10 p.m. 

Celebrating 17 with a NASCAR Race
Is there anything better than a NASCAR race with your best friends?

Happy Birthday to your Teenage Boy! Have a wonderful time celebrating in The Magic City!