A Day at the Farm: Fall Fun for the Entire Family

Pinto's Farm
Pumpkin patch at Pinto’s Farm

When fall rolls around, I get so excited because this means the heat and humidity will soon be winding down (or at least I hope so). We may not get to see the leaves turning bright red and orange, but we can still head to a few fun-filled and family-friendly places where pumpkins and scarecrows are all the rage. And when we find ourselves lost in a hay maze, I think we can all agree that fall is finally here!

This past weekend, that’s just what we did. My girls woke up on Sunday morning, ate breakfast and asked that question that moms know all too well: “Mommy, what are we doing today?” Thankfully, I had a plan and when I shared with them that we were going to the farm, they cheered. “Yay, we are going to the FARM!”

Hay maze at Pinto's Farm
Posing in the hay maze

We got dressed in our comfy clothes and drove south to Pinto’s Farm. In case you’ve never been, be prepared to spend a few hours enjoying all the amazing activities they have to offer. My girls, ages 7 and 4, remember going there last winter for the Winterland at the Farm event so they were ecstatic to return for the fall festivities.

Pinto's Farm
Enjoying the pony rides

Animal Attractions

We arrived and headed straight for the pony rides in the back. My girls LOVE riding horses, and even though my 7-year-old is getting too big for ponies, she went riding with her little sister and they had a great time. After that, it was off to the Children’s Zoo, where they interacted with goats and saw bunnies, chickens, guinea pigs, donkeys, a pig and more.

Pumpkin Patch
Family fun at the farm

Fun For all Ages

The girls made a dash toward the hay maze, figured out how to make their way out, went down the slides, and then it was off to the playground for some hula-hoop fun. Since it was so hot, we bought some drinks and ice cream sandwiches to cool off.

There was a magic show, but the girls wouldn’t leave the playground so we missed it. Instead, we made our way toward the racetracks and each of them sped off in their pedal carts. This was definitely another one of their favorite activities.

Pinto's Farm
Speeding down the race track

After playing and taking a few photos in the pumpkin patch, we made our way to the tractor rides, where they take you around to see the horse barns. There are also paddleboats that you can ride around the lake in and pumpkin painting for the kiddos.

While it was a steamy 90 degrees outside, which is a bit too hot for fall, we still had a great time enjoying all the fall-themed activities at Pinto’s Farm — and it was a great excuse to pick up a refreshing fruit smoothie on the way out.

We all had a blast and the girls can’t wait to return for the winter event!