End of Slavery Tour visits Miami: End Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery


The “End of Slavery Tour” is a nationwide tour featuring guest speakers, Yeonmi Park and Tim Ballard. The first stop of the tour is in Miami on March 10, 2022. It will take place at the Manuel Artime Theater located at 900 SW 1st Street Miami. This is an informative and life-changing event you don’t want to miss.

Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

These are two subjects that no one really wants to talk about. However, denial does not mean something doesn’t exist and isn’t a problem. We are living in a day and age where human trafficking and sex slavery are extremely prevalent. What can we do as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and just regular people to help prevent this travesty?

Join us at the “End of Slavery Tour” to hear from two experts on the subject of human trafficking and become educated on these subjects while learning how YOU can help. 

Yeonmi Park, the author of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, is a North Korean defector and activist. She will speak about her tragic first hand experiences with human trafficking and sex slavery. Yeonmi will present at the event as well as engage in a question and answer time with hopes to educate and inform others on the subject of human trafficking.

Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad and author of several books, is no stranger to the devastation of human trafficking and sex slavery. Under the leadership of Tim, O.U.R. is credited for rescuing thousands of trafficking victims. At the “End of Slavery Tour,” you will have the opportunity to hear Tim present on the subject of human trafficking as well as learn how you can help prevent these tragic events from taking place.  

End of Slavery Tour visits Miami: End Human Trafficking and Sex SlaveryJoin Yeonmi Park and Tim Ballard as they discuss the hard truths of modern-day slave trade.

With years of first hand experience dealing with this human rights issue, Yeonmi and Tim have seen the deep underbelly of this criminal enterprise and are now actively fighting against it. From human trafficking to the exploitation of tyrannical governments, you will hear amazing stories of liberty and learn how you can be involved in helping with the end of slavery throughout the world.

Get Your Tickets

It is time that we “regular people” get involved, become educated, and make a difference. Join us at 7pm on Thursday, March 10th at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, FL for the first stop on the “End of Slavery” tour. General admission tickets are only $25. A VIP experience is available as well. Tickets are available at www.endofslaverytour.com

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