Family Fun in Miami Can Be Free


Are you worried about competing with the neighbors and your kid’s friends for entertainment for the family?

It’s hard to compete with Disney, Chucky Cheese, Gymboree, movies, water parks and paint ball. However, if Mom and Dad plan activities for the family to do together with enthusiasm and anticipation the kids catch on. Kids even begin to look forward to the event itself.

FUN does not always equal dollar signs $.

Check the internet for free events in parks, concert and theaters. Invite 2 or 3 families with like aged kids. Families can play soccer, flag football, whiffle ball, kick ball, softball and even basketball. Older ones can help coach the younger games. Add a pizza dinner or a picnic and “hey! hey!” you instantly have yourself a happy family and you’re burning energy with friends!

One ingredient for a successful family is finding the fun in daily living.

You say, “That’s great but what about home projects?” Cleaning up is humdrum. However, everyone having a job and singing a song with the little ones helps. Putting on the kid’s favorite music and working in groups while dancing around adds a little levity. Plus, the time goes by faster!

family fun in miami can be free miami moms blogToo many toys and items with many pieces will clutter up kid space very quickly. Many times kids don’t know where to start to play when there are so many options.  Toys and games cover the floor and the kids can’t figure out what they want and the pieces are easily lost. Frustration ensues. Keeping some things hidden away for a while and changing out the options really helps and they don’t get bored as easily.  Kids learn to like order or disorder pending attitude of Mom and Dad and the ability for them to control their own space and belongings.

I asked my oldest son what made our life fun together when the finances were low. He mentioned the family activities that encouraged camaraderie, the regular meals together where conversation was a must, and the family devotions led to what gave him a happy life and a sense of security.  Family vacations to visit relatives in other parts of the country where planning our adventure in the car was anticipated with excitement was also a highlight.

We were not wealthy, but we sure felt rich because we had enough and we had each other.