Why I love raising kids in Miami


Raising kids in Miami is truly a blessing.  I moved to this city after living in New York.  I was afraid that I was going to miss my big city lifestyle. It was never the case. OK, Miami is not cheap at all. However, it has so many good things that I can hardly think of another place where I would like to raise my kids. 

So I’m giving you some of the reasons why I think raising kids in Miami is just wonderful.

  1. It has the most beautiful weather all year long. Yep, you don’t have to worry about buying jackets and boots, or having to dress your kids in so many layers so they won’t freeze. 
  2. You don’t have to spend that much in clothing for your kids. Forget those expensive snow suits and winter coats. Comfortable shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of crocs will make it.
  3. Who needs a sandbox when you have the whole beach? To play outdoors 12 months a year is just the best way to spend your childhood.
  4. Your kid can be truly bilingual. I don’t know another place in the United States where you can speak both English and Spanish like in Miami. Every single kid in this city is at some point or another in contact with Spanish. It is easy to learn it if you really want to. Raising kids in Miami means raising bilingual kids.
  5. It is a very cosmopolitan city. It is very likely that your kids are going to have friends from every single country in Latin America and even Europe or Asia. They are going to learn from so many different cultures in a very natural way.
  6. You have beautiful parks, aquariums and museums. Raising kids in Miami you want them to take the most advantage of all the activities that the city has to offer. The Frost Museum of Science or The Fairchild Botanical Garden are just two of our favorites.
  7. There are also many events you can enjoy with kids. Important fashion weeks, like Miami Fashion Week or art shows like Art Basel, are just few of the events you can enjoy in Miami.
  8. The beautiful light that Miami has. Raising kids in Miami with this beautiful light is something really addictive. This amazing and bright light is something that helps kids grow healthy and happy.
  9. You live in a big city while having the beach right there. It is a combination that you don’t easily find.
  10.  There is water everywhere. There are pools everywhere you go and beautiful beaches available for everyone.

Do you need any more reasons?

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