Love Where You Live: Why I Love Living in Cutler Bay


What makes a neighborhood great? For me, it’s a mixture of things. I look for good school zones, the safety of the neighborhood, and taxes of course. But what I love most about my neighborhood is the closeness to the ocean and the many outdoor activities available.

Dianna's kids wearing their MIA KID shirts (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Living in Cutler Bay Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

I like to call Cutler Bay a hidden gem of Miami. It is a small golf cart-friendly community, full of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, friendly people, outdoor trails, and water activities. We are home to many parks and hiking trails and even restaurants by the water. 

Below I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite spots in Cutler Bay! 

Black Point Marina & Park

Black Point Marina is so much more than just a place to dock your boat. On the east side of the park, you have a walking trail that leads into an amazing kid-friendly hike with a surprise jetty at the end. On this side of the park, you can also take out your kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. Keep an eye out for our local ” Troy the Alligator” who likes to rest on some of the rocks! On the other side of the park, you have a lovely walkable area around the marina. This spot is great for picnics and sunsets. If you care for a good laugh, a lot of locals grab a seat and watch the chaos of the loading and unloading of boats in the marina. After a full day of fun, relax and enjoy delicious seafood at the Black Point Ocean Grill. It’s an outdoor kid-friendly restaurant located on the water. On the weekends you can also enjoy live music. Click here to read my blog on this little gem of a park! 

On the jetty at Black Point (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Living in Cutler Bay Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)Dianna's kids in front of a sign for Biscayne National Park (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Living in Cutler Bay Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Biking, walking, running, and skating–oh my! 

Black Point Marina is the end or start of an amazing walking trail that continues north onto Old Cutler Road. The trail is miles and miles long connecting Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, etc. This trail is used for walking, biking, skating, running you name it. It is filled with wildlife, including animals like peacocks, lizards, iguanas, pelicans, fish, turtles and so much more! I love taking the kids for afternoon walks to the park. We also put them in the wagon and walk to our favorite ice cream place or sometimes even to dinner. 

Dianna and a friend on a walk to the park (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Living in Cutler Bay Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective) An iguana sunning itself (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Snowden’s Dam

Snowden’s Dam has been around for many many years. It used to be just a bridge off of Old Cutler Road that kids would jump off of in the hot summers of Miami. I used to also go there in high school with friends to relax after school. Now Snowden’s has become a small park where people go fishing and take out their kayaks and paddleboards and have picnics. The area which once was just a rocky hidden road is now paved with parking spots and gazebos. When I moved back to Miami I began bringing my daughter here to watch the sunsets and just to get away from our fast-paced life. I love that I have this little piece of paradise just a few miles from my house. 

Dianna's daughter enjoying the sunset at Snowden's Dam (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Playing in the water (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Dianna's kids enjoying a picnic (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Playing on the rocks (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Yummy restaurants!

Some of my favorite local restaurants are Rodbenders and Sandbar! These two restaurants offer completely different vibes but both have delicious menus. Both Rodbenders and the sandbar are golf-cart friendly and kid-friendly. 

Rodbenders is a seafood restaurant that has been around since I was a small girl. I would frequent Rodbenders after my little league games and made so many amazing memories growing up. I love that I get to bring my kids there now to make their own memories!  Check out their lobster bisque in a bread bowl, you won’t regret it! 

The Sandbar is a bar and grill type of restaurant. Famous for their Taco Tuesday menu, it had quickly become our go-to Tuesday night spot! It has a huge tiki hut area and plenty of outdoor seating. They also have a stage where live bands perform on the weekends. For those margarita-loving mamas, Sandbar offers $3 margaritas on Tuesdays to go with their $2 taco deal! I recommend the Baja Fish Taco & the carne asada tacos! While I am keen on taco nights, The Sandbar offers specials every night of the week! 

Having fun at the restaurant (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Dianna's son at the Sandbar (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Dianna's daughter at Rodbenders (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Cauley Square

Cauley Square was founded in 1903 and is just south of Cutler Bay off of South Dixie Hwy. It is the most magical little village in our area and it’s full of adventure for your little ones. Cauley Square has great restaurants (our favorite is The Tea Room). It also has ice cream shops and lots of little unique stores to visit. The greenery is stunning and makes for great photo opportunities! The kids can run around and find adventure through the whole square. My Daughter Jessie is 5 and loves tea parties. So this last year for her birthday we celebrated with a real tea party at The Tea Room! The girls then transformed into their princess gowns for an adventure through the “magical forest” where they found an ice cream shop for a treat. 

Exploring Cauley Square (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Having fun at The Tea Room (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

(Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Our favorite farm!

Last but certainly not least, is The Berry Farm. We absolutely love this farm and all there is to do and EAT there! From the festivals to the many, many playdates, The Berry Farms is our go-to. We are an MIA/BAMA mixed family (ROLL TIDE) and this farm gives us all the small town feels we need in this big city life! My kids love this place! And this momma loves how tired they are after a day at the farm. Their favorite is the in-ground bounce area and my favorite is the waffles topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries. I need an annual pass to this place! 

Enjoying some ice cream at The Berry Farm (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Dianna and her kids in the sunflower fields (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Friends at the farm (Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Hidden Gem 

I love my neighborhood! I can golf cart or walk to my grocery store. The cashier at Publix knows my name and I get all of my small town vibes right on the outskirts of the big city!  I can drive a mile down the road to take my boat out and just a few more miles for a hidden beach! Cutler Bay is perfect if you love the water, love the outdoors, and love the slower paced life. 

(Dianna Hill Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

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  1. Dianna
    I loved reading your post. “Love where you live: Why I love living in Cutler Bay”. I was the councilman who proposed making Cutler Bay a golf cart friendly community. I grew up here and now have the pleasure as serving as Mayor. It warms my heart to know that others love the community feel that i work hard to preserve in our town. Thank you

    • Mayor Meerbott, thank you for your kind comment! Cutler Bay is such a special part of town because of those like you who are working hard to preserve it!

  2. I live in Cutler Bay and I love the area; specially Palmetto Bay Library 💕 and Old Cutler Road.

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