Love Where You Live: Why I Love Kendall


Proud Resident of Kendall

I love Kendall and I always have. I grew up living in Cutler Ridge (or now formally known as Cutler Bay). Once I found out I was pregnant, I moved to Hialeah and lived there for 3 years. 3 years too long, because in my eyes, Kendall was where it was at! What is it, you may ask? In my humble opinion, Kendall is the center of Miami. I am now a proud resident of Kendall and the reason behind my love for this part of town is endless.

Krystal posing by a Kendall sign (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Kendall Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Photo edited by the fabulous Rachelle Haime


Not too north, not too south, maybe a little too west, but never too east. No matter what direction you need to go, we have an extension to the Turnpike, an extension to the Palmetto, and even an extension that leaves you right on US-1. Not sure any other part of Miami has so much accessibility to the city, but it’s something that needs to be accounted for when considering your commute. 

Family Friendly

There are lots of areas in Miami that are geared towards family. But nowhere beats Kendall for my family and me. We have access to some of the cleanest parks in the county, high-graded schools, and home to some of the best extracurricular businesses around. Like My Gym Kendall and Ocaquatics Swim School to name a few. There are even a number of credible therapies for the special needs community, right here in Kendall.

Indian Hammocks Park (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Kendall Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Nature Trail at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park

My family and I fell in love with the nature trail at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park. This park features a skate park, 2 disc golf courses, 2 playgrounds, and a fitness exercise zone. The park also houses 6 different shelters that can be rented and host up to 100 people (something to keep in mind for post-pandemic gatherings). I attended many events at this park in previous years, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I learned of its true beauty.

Food AND Farms AND Shopping

Ranchito Marketplace (Love Where You Live: Why I Love Kendall Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
We love going to El Ranchito Marketplace for milkshakes and their fresh produce!

Whether you’re a native of Kendall or not, you know that Kendall has some of the best food spots! We recently discovered El Ranchito Marketplace. It’s one of the many farmers’ markets here in Kendall. They have hot food, fresh produce, homemade milkshakes, and ice cream for purchase. And if you head towards the back, you will find ponies that the kids can ride on! Within the area, you will find other plant nurseries and horses around. Fun for sightseeing since it’s not “the norm” for other areas in Miami.

There are also hundreds of other local restaurants and businesses in the area. It is home to The Palms at Town and Country, London Square, Dadeland Mall, and all other sorts of shops in between. Kendall houses 2 different BJ’s Whole Sale stores and 1 Costco. I know this is important for any size family! Kendall also has 2 Aldis, 1 Walmart, 3 Targets, and cafecito in almost every other shopping plaza. Essentials for most millennial mommas.

La Carreta (Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
It’s the Wynwood Vibes at La Carreta on Kendall Drive for me!

Neighborhood Engagement 

Kendall is big. So big that there is such thing as East Kendall and West Kendall. But that doesn’t seem to make a difference to many of the residents. They see Kendall as one big city to love. I personally love following @OnlyInKendall on Instagram. Whoever is behind that account is a known lover of all things Kendall and it shows.

You see new construction? Stuck in bad traffic? Find something or someone fun while people watching? Ask your questions or post your pictures to @OnlyInKendall and it will more than likely start a conversation and answer some questions. They even feature new businesses in the area, provide special mention codes for discounts and keep you up to date on the latest current events in Kendall. Making this feel more like a community than a big city within the BIG CITY of Miami.

Looks Like We’re Here to Stay

Although the real estate market is booming right now, the Kendall area is where we plan to lay our family’s foundation for now. Rental options are always available here, the neighborhood is safe, the schools are great and this is all around somewhere I will be proud to raise my son and family. Although we have family and friends all over Miami-Dade County, we rest easy knowing they’re only one highway extension away! 

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