The Youth Fair: What to See and Do There This Year


Be there, at The Fair!  We get to experience The Youth Fair once a year.  Having grown up in Miami, I have lots of great memories tied to The Youth Fair.  I remember visiting my grandparents in Miami and going to The Fair.  Then, I went on a class field trip.  I also had frequent trips to The Youth Fair during my middle and high school years.  And most recently, some 15 years ago, I went back with my kids, neighbors, and friends.  For some reason, we have skipped it the past few years.  I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it probably had to do with the kids getting older and me being tired.  But this year we’re going back!

The Youth Fair: What to See and Do There This Year Nicole Santamaria Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Credit: Miami-Dade Fair & Exposition, Inc.

The dates for The Fair this year are March 14 through April 7.  

There is so much to see and do.  And, of course, there are rides and fair food.  Can you say elephant ears?  Yummy!  But what stays true in my memory are the unexpected things I have experienced at The Fair.

  • Pig Races: This is my top event–do not miss it!  It gets me every time.
  • Concerts: I remember being in middle school and seeing the incredible Planet Patrol perform Play at your Own Risk.  I know, totally 80’s.  I also recall seeing the world famous Menudo there also.  But this year I am really looking forward to the Bee Gees tribute show.  I love the Bee Gees!
  • Art Projects:  I have memories of submitting my art project and then having to walk around the huge expo center just to find mine.  Now it’s not as exciting but I still like to peek and see all the great talent that goes into each of these projects.
  • Livestock: So, living in the city we don’t really experience livestock and the different types of animals in this category.  Go walk around, you will not regret seeing some of the HUGE pigs and cows.  Once, my kids and I witnessed baby chicks hatching right before our eyes.  Such sweet memories!
  • Xtreme Show:  This is more recent, but it is surprisingly AWESOME!
  • Circus:  This is more of an acrobatic circus, from what I recall.  And who doesn’t love the circus?

So there is a lot to do in the Magic City, but make some time to experience The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition.  You will love it!