The Miami Kindness Project: A Resource For Family Kindness Activities

This blog post is sponsored by Doing Good Together™, a nonprofit organization that works to build a culture in which practicing kindness and serving others is part of every child’s early life lessons.

Our daily routines define our lives. After all, we are what we do day after day. 

National Random Acts of Kindness Week is the week following Valentine’s Day. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of small acts of kindness. This Kindness Day, Doing Good Together invites you to make intentional kindness a way of life every day for your family

Miami Kindness Project Miami Mom Collective Doing Good Together

By adopting one or two caring routines, you’ll give the children in your life a strong sense of themselves as helpers. We know that big-hearted habits empower kids to become thoughtful, engaged citizens throughout their lives.

If you are a parent, caregiver, educator, or youth group leader in the Miami Area, Doing Good Together is currently offering FREE*, evidence-based materials and lessons to make it fun and easy for you to live, teach and share kindness. 

What is the Miami Kindness Project?

The Miami Kindness Project includes resources you can easily download or subscribe to for free including:  

  • A Kitchen Table Kindness Kit with 11 fun, meaningful, hands-on service activities. Great for ages 4-10. Miami Kindness Project Miami Mom Collective Doing Good Together
  • Monthly family volunteer opportunities curated from across Miami-Dade County and sent directly to your inbox. Awesome opportunities for all ages to help others, both from home and in the community.
  • Weekly Live Kind email inspiration including a link to a short video, a simple compassion-building project, a picture book and a few conversation prompts to inspire big-hearted conversations. Ideal for inspiring empathy in kids 4-10. 
  • Bi-weekly Big-Hearted Classroom compassion-building activities for educators along with some kindness “homework” to share with students.Great for both on-site and distance learning. Ideal for Grades K-6. 

There has never been a more important time to show our kids that action feels better than anxiety and kindness builds community. Together, we can make 2021 a year of even more kindness across Miami! 

Download Now & Share Kindness

Get started today by downloading your at-home DGT Kitchen Table Kindness Kit and subscribing for future inspiration.

Miami Kindness Project Miami Mom Collective Doing Good Together

*DGT’s Miami Kindness Project content is free thanks to the generous support of the Al and Jane Nahmad Family Foundation.