Summer in Miami Staycation Bucket List


Wow, summer is almost here. Crazy right? There’s always that one question we all ask ourselves as moms. What do I do with the kids in the summer? How do I entertain them? What fun things to do?  The questions can go on and on. And those are just the hard questions for young kids. It’s a whole other story when they are teenagers already.

I’m going to share some ideas that I found helpful. Being a mom and having gone through all those age stages, I want to share what I found helpful. So, hold on, and let’s get started.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

If you’re staying in town and not going anywhere on vacation, what is there to do? Well, let’s start with a fun-filled Saturday at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum located at 12450 SW 152nd Street Miami, FL 33177. The first Saturday of every month is FREE. Yes, I said free. There are a few trains there the kids can go into, tour, and walk around in. You’ll get a great look at the history of the railroad system in Florida. Fun and educational. There are also train rides. 

Some trains at Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Zoo Miami

Not into trains? No problem, there are plenty of other things to do. We have Zoo Miami located at 12400 SW 152 st Miami, Fl 33177. Hang out with the family and see animals. There’s so much to do at the zoo. On those hot days summer in Miami is known for, head on over with the kiddos to their splash pad. Here are a few things to know before you go.

Children feeding a giraffe at Zoo Miami

A Day at the Beach

Taking beach days is always a great fun thing to do. It’s perfect for all ages. Miami has such beautiful waters. Kids love spending time on the sand and playing with other kids they meet. Going with smaller kids it’s hard to go to the big beaches. The struggle is hard, from finding parking, to walking all the way to the beach carrying everything and having the kids. 

I found a great solution and beach for that. There are what they call man-made beaches. There are a couple of local ones and they’re so much easier to do with kiddos. I feel like it’s a more kid-friendly option. In Homestead, There’s one called Homestead Bayfront Park, located at 9698 SW 328th St, Homestead, FL 33033. They have lifeguards and picnic tables with BBQs. They also have a restaurant. Parking is right there, so no long walks with the kids. Perfect for all ages. There are other ones, but this is the one I have been to, and it is ocean water. 

Check out these beach day hacks and beach snack ideas from two other Miami moms to make your next beach day a success!

The beach at Homestead Bayfront Park

Parks & Libraries

I know some are on a budget and some of these activities can get pricy. No worries. There are still things to do while enjoying summer in Miami. Going to the park is always fun–heading to the playground and spending time there. The kids have a blast. You can visit different parks each week. To the kids, it’ll be an adventure to explore. Click here to check out some of Miami Mom Collective’s favorite local parks!

If you find yourself able to head to Homestead, find time to go to the Cybrarium Library, located at 80 W Mowry Dr. Homestead, FL 33030. The kids will love it, they have all essentials of a library. And as a bonus, they have a virtual reality area. They have events almost every day for all ages from toddlers to teenagers. Check it out guys, it’s well worth it!

Families enjoying the Cybrarium in Homestead

For Older Kids

As the kids get older it does get harder to do things with them. But don’t worry there are other things to do. Every Tuesday movie theaters have all movies for just $5. This works great for big family households and even with teenagers. Having teenagers is hard enough. Figuring out what to do in the summer is a mission. Having a list of things to do in the summer with them is a must. Kids nowadays want to just sit at home and play video games and watch Netflix or Tik Toks. I found it important to get them out of the house at least once a week.

Here are some ideas that I hope help. There’s ice skating at the Kendall Ice Arena, roller skating at Super Wheels, bowling at Bird Bowl or ShowBiz, and really any of the above mentions are great for them too.

I truly hope my summer in Miami bucket list helps you all out.

Miami Mom Collective has a TON of resources to make this summer in Miami fun and memorable! From more bucket list ideas to splash pads, day trips, road trips, theme weeks, and local summer camps… we’ve got you covered all summer long. Be sure to check out our Florida Staycation Guide and Disney content, too!

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