Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Family Fun at Marlins Park


I have a confession to make.

Until now, I had never been to a live baseball game. I attended a HEAT game once during a work event. I even went to a Dolphins game a few years ago. But not baseball. I’m not quite sure why since I grew up with a Puerto Rican family that was really into baseball.

Miami Marlins Park Miami Moms Blog Batting Practice
Vanessa with her hubby, Richard, and daughters, Grace and Gianna

Baseball Was a Big Deal in My Family

My grandparents who raised me were BIG baseball fans. Their favorite team was the Los Angeles Dodgers and they were glued to the TV all season long. Mami (my grandma) would shout at the TV and excitedly scream with joy when they scored a home run. Tommy Lasorda was the team’s manager back then. I remember the Dodgers winning the 1988 World Series and watching Orel Hershiser, one of the team’s best players, selected as MVP. I loved spending time with Mami and Papi learning all about baseball. This is truly one of my favorite childhood memories.

Pre-Game Experience

A couple weeks ago, we attended our first-ever Miami Marlins game and it was an absolute blast! My hubby wasn’t sure if our two little girls would sit through an entire baseball game. Not only did they sit through all of it, they didn’t want to leave!

Dugout Miami Marlins Park Miami Moms Blog
Grace and Gianna in the dugout

First, we went to the air conditioned 5th Base Tent, where we enjoyed snacks, games and a surprise visit from Billy the Marlin. Then we got a behind the scenes tour, including dugout access for some cool family photos. After that, we were off to Billy’s Kid Zone, located near Centerfield. My girls, ages 4 and 7, had fun in the climbing area and Billy’s Boat House. Just before the game, we grabbed some hot dogs and nachos. When the announcer began introducing the players, my 4-year-old started crying hysterically. We asked her what was wrong and she said, “The baseball show is starting and we’re missing everything!” We tried to console her (and not laugh), but suffice it to say that she was really anxious to get to our seats and not miss a thing.

Miami Marlins KidZone Miami Moms Blog
Having fun in the Kid Zone

Enjoying the Baseball “Show”
We sat through every inning, enjoyed watching the plays, cheered for our home team and explained the game to the girls. They loved it! They ate popcorn and asked questions throughout the game. When we approached the 8th inning, my 7-year-old had to use the restroom, but she didn’t want to go because she’d miss the game. We made a mad dash to the restroom. “Hurry mom, hurry!” Then we raced back to our seats and were thrilled to win the game against the NY Mets. When it was all over, they didn’t want to leave. We literally had to drag them out of the stadium.

After such an amazing experience, we will definitely be back to watch another Marlins game (or should I say, baseball “show”).

For information on how to plan your family adventure at Marlins Park, check out the regular season baseball schedule here to purchase tickets. 

Thank you to our friends, The Miami Marlins, for providing this experience in exchange for our honest review.