Vision Board Workshop: Event Recap


Miami Mom Collective and Illiet Ojeda from Chasinbalance joined forces and created an inspirational and empowering Vision Board Workshop. It took place at the iconic and picturesque National Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. On Sunday, February 28th, mommas from all over Miami beat traffic and manifested their vision for the remainder of 2021.

Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop Hosts

Our team photographer, Alejandra Escalante was there to take in all the beauty the National Hotel had to offer. The weather and sun cooperated with us, making this the perfect venue for the ladies of the event to take in the moment and illustrate positivity through the pages of everyday magazines. 

Introductions and Manifestations: The Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop: Illiet

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know Illiet Ojeda. She is a contributor of Miami Mom Collective and founder of Chasinbalance. Illiet has the gift to make everyone feel welcomed and motivated. She started the workshop with introductions from all the ladies in the room and she empowered us with a positive mindset. Along with reminding us of how important it is that we value our worth as women, she also reminded us of our potential.

You would think this would be awkward for a room full of strangers. However, this exercise allowed us to gain better understanding and bond over similar thoughts as humans and as moms. We all have dreams and desires. Putting our goals on paper, made it more concrete and tangible. 

Visuals and Giveaways

With a glass of mimosa or soft drink in hand, the ladies dove right into the Vision Board Workshop by choosing magazines full of images. Each picture carefully and strategically clipped was chosen to illustrate the potential of the remainder of year 2021. Ideal for any visual board! They can use these everyday to remember their goals for the remainder of the year.

What is a Miami Mom Collective Event without giveaways?

Each participant managed to score one of our fabulous giveaways including: Full Make Up Application by IN-Color Make Up Artistry. Sourdough Loaf and Olive Oil from Happy Bread Co. Lash and Lift Tint by Eye Candy Beaute Bar. Clay Accessories by Growing The Pizarros. A 30-minute Photo Session by Leeana PS. 2 Doodles from AB Creations. A Self Care Box from Mrs. Design It. A box of Chewy Bars from Square Confections by Alex. And 2 Daycation Passes at The National Hotel in Miami Beach! Each momma also left with a $25 off daycation gift voucher to use at the Nation Hotel for later use!  

How Does 2021 End?

At the end, we went around and spoke in future tense! There was something so powerful about talking to a room of new friends all about how we WILL accomplish what our boards entailed. This event brought moms together for a motivational and empowering afternoon. It brought to life the vision and illustration of our potential!

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  1. I had such an amazing & inspiring time. It helped changed my mindset after some difficult weeks. Thank you Krystal for hosting me & Illiet for sharing your motivation, expertise, and inspiration.

  2. Krystal, thank you for this beautiful recap. It was wonderful to have your energy there supporting with our Mom community. You captured this perfect.

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