The Wonders of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden


When we discovered Fairchild, we were planning our wedding and had just booked another venue. We rushed to the garden and fell in love with its wonders. Immediately we cancelled our previous reservation and decided to get married at Fairchild.

What a magical place for such an important life event! Our wedding was a destination celebration for some of our guests who came from Brazil to join us. We were happy to give them the opportunity to experience one of the prettiest spots in our beautiful city!

Bailey Palm Glade, where we got married

Client service was outstanding. The Fairchild team made planning arrangements easier and assigned an event lead to focus on us on our big day. Our guests were delighted with the beauty of the gardens. They enjoyed an exclusive train tour with a glass of wine in hand during our cocktail reception. Most importantly, we were blown away by the breathtaking landscapes and a rainbow that God gave us on our wedding afternoon!

After a few years and two kids, we went back to the garden to attend an event. Filled with beautiful memories, we were excited to see our little ones running in the grass and hiding behind giant trees. We love breathing fresh air while contemplating and learning about many different types of tropical plants.

This is us, trying to recreate that memorable scene when we kissed after being pronounced husband and wife, at that exact same spot!

The beauty of Fairchild goes beyond its remarkable collection of plants, palms and flowers.

The mission to explore and conserve the world of tropical vegetation is what keeps this place growing and glowing. The garden also has an educational component to all of its initiatives. That’s what makes it the perfect place to teach our children all things nature and biodiversity preservation. And we have it here in Miami, “in our backyard”!

There are tons of fun activities, interactive learning experiences and things to do at the garden with the family. The butterfly exhibit is one of the coolest with hundreds of butterflies from all over the tropical world. The tram tours are available in both English and Spanish. There are also summer camp programs and many more initiatives to engage kids and have a wonderful time with the family.

Butterfly Conservatory

Voted one of the top 10 botanical gardens by USA Today, Fairchild hosts culturally-relevant events throughout the year. From art exhibits, to concerts, to international festivals such as the Mango, Orchid and Chocolates Festivals, these events give us the opportunity to enjoy Miami from a different perspective.

At the Fairchild International Mango Festival with my baby girl

Have you been to Fairchild? We want to hear from you and benefit from your experience, so leave us a comment with your story!