Car Dates: Let’s Get Driving!


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Oh, the Memories!

We were dating, at the time, my husband and me. I vividly remember the date. It was Tuesday, February 14, 2012 (Valentine’s Day). Music was playing in the car, giggles and laughter filled the air as we talked about random topics. Such a memorable moment with a side of burgers and fries! Romantic date on Valentine’s Day, am I right?

I remember we planned out our whole night weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. Excitement was seen on my face as I got all dolled up for my boyfriend. Soon, he picked me up from my parent’s home. Then, we drove off to one of our favorite restaurants.

Say, What?

Talk about jam-packed! The restaurant was filled with customers. Not one table available. A two-hour wait ahead of us! Not kidding! Soon after, my husband said, “Let’s get out of here!” Sounds like a line from a movie, right?

Next, we drove to a few other dining places. To our surprise, every spot was full, and waiting times were off the charts. Also, many sites had set menus for the night. What a Valentine’s Day, I thought. Bummed, sad, upset, you name it, I felt it. I wanted to burst into tears! It was a Tuesday night, for crying out loud! However, that did not stop anyone from celebrating, NOT EVEN US!

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A Fairytale Ending

My husband was not going to let this ruin our Valentine’s Day. “I got this, hun,” the words still echoing in my mind. With that said, he drove us to our favorite fast-food restaurant. Soon, we ordered our food and parked. I just stared at him. Was he joking? We were going to have dinner in the car, on Valentine’s Day? Wait, fast food to be exact! He started eating, looked at me, and said, “We are making the best out of this night.” And that folks, was the PERFECT CAR DATE.

That night, we laughed at our jokes and stories. Music blasted from the car. Our musical notes were heard miles away, I bet. (We thought we were great singers; we truly are not.) To top it off, the food was delicious! A cheeseburger with a side of fries hit the spot! The night was simply perfect. Furthermore, this was the first of many of our car dates! 

Image: A man and woman watching a sunrise from their car (Car Dates: Let's Get Driving! Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Let’s Get Driving: Car Date Ideas 

Car dates can be special and romantic. Just imagine being with your significant other on a date but in a car! Let’s get creative here! How can we make car dates fun?

You and your partner can …

  • Go to a drive-in movie. Dress up for a special night. After all, it is a date night.
  • Watch a movie from your own laptop. Pick a genre. 
  • Talk. Use car dates as a time to reconnect and communicate.
  • Listen to songs. Play a game of karaoke.
  • Name thatsong. 
  • Play Charades
  • Create a Truth or Dare game. 
  • Order take-out and dine in the car. (Fast-food works, too.) 
  • Have a picnic in the trunk of your car. Bring along pillows and blankets!
  • Go for a scenic drive. Admire nature’s beauty or the city life.
  • Bring along a laptop and go on a virtual date! Visit a place you have always wanted to go to.
  • Stargaze. How beautiful would this be?
  • Go cloud watching. Name things you see in the clouds.
  • Watch the sun set or rise. Very romantic! Oh-la-la! 
  • Go on a safari ride. Lion Country Safari is amazing.

The Possibilities are Endless

Date night does not need to be a night at a fancy restaurant with a romantic ambiance. This too can be recreated in a car. I learned this nine years ago! Now, let’s get driving! 

Image: A car on a scenic drive (Car Dates: Let's Get Driving! Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

“ANYWHERE with you, is a GREAT place to be!”

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