How is Your Marriage? This Blog is for You.


How is your marriage doing? If your marriage is excellent, this is for you. Maybe marriage is rocky, this is for you. If your marriage has ended, this is for you. These principles and truisms are valuable. There are principles that we can immediately apply to our marriages OR share with someone who may need to be lovingly reminded of truth. 

I’m no marriage expert but over the years I’ve learned a couple of principles that have strengthened my marriage and many couples we’ve encountered.

These principles come from the Love and Respect study found on Right Now Media. You can also hear the full podcast HERE.

How is Your Marriage? This Blog is for You.

13 Marriage Principles to Live By …

  1. Decode the good will in all circumstances.

    • Example: People were coming over to our home and I wanted to cook but my husband insisted we order. I grew frustrated because I wanted to cook and he insisted we order. He insisted we order because he didn’t want me to have to cook on the weekend! LOL 
  2. When feeling offended, do not offend.

  3. Give warning when you are starting to feel agitated.

    • Example: I think I need to step outside for a few minutes
    • Example: I’m feeling offended right now, I’m trying not to be, help me out here. 
  4. Agree to disagree.

    • Depending on the topic, you don’t have to see eye to eye on secondary issues.
    • Example: “Look, we can agree to disagree on this. I’m mad because I think you’re wrong right now. Technically you’re not wrong, you just differ from me, but I don’t like it. But I do know this: if you were totally the same, one of us would be unnecessary.”
  5. Think before acting or speaking.

  6. Never tell a wife she must earn love & never tell a husband he must earn respect.

  7. Never blame your lack of love on their actions. Your response is your responsibility. 

    • ” Your lack of love is disobedience to Ephesians 5:33 for those of us who are Christ followers
  8. Never say, “Nobody can love that woman/man.”

    • These are words that slice the human heart. We just need to grab our tongue as it starts to come out. You just simply won’t find any positive result from those kinds of comments.
  9. Let your spouse teach you.

    • Allow him/her to lead you and learn from him/her.
  10. Offer and extend forgiveness.

    • Example: Will you forgive me?
    • The answer should always be YES! When your spouse goes out on the line, you should meet him there.
  11. Remember that your spouse is not your enemy.

  12. Ask yourself how can we make this situation work instead of responding with spitefulness. 

  13. Ask your spouse, “How can I show more love?” or “How can I show more respect?”

I hope and pray that this makes an impact in your marriage! What are some of the principles and truisms you live by? Share with me in the comments section.