Reconnecting With Date Night at Home


There are plenty of things you can (and let’s admit can’t do) for a home date night. However, it can also be your chance to get creative and make it fun. Let’s try to keep this all PG-rated because let’s face it, we just don’t know when our littles might be waking up. Facing this COVID-19 situation has been challenging for everybody. As we navigate through new territory, working from home, schooling from home – it can be stressful, especially on our relationships. With restaurants and bars closed and nowhere to go, how do you create a romantic evening at home? Challenge accepted. 

Just don’t forget to grab the baby monitor and have it nearby.

Let’s get into a few suggestions that are simple yet fun:

Date Night 1: Build-Your-Own Tacos

Who doesn’t love a taco? You’ll need a few basic ingredients but let’s make this simple since the grocery stores are running slim.

Taco shells or tortillas
Pick your “meat”: beef, chicken, fish, veggies or tofu (for us vegans)
Sour cream
Shredded cheese

(As a side note, I’ve shifted to plant-based foods for a few years now so for you vegans out there rejoice! You can find alternatives for all of the above, try Gardein’s meat crumbles)

After you get your kids down to sleep, share the task of cooking together, chop your veggies, slice your lime and enjoy! If you are so inclined, shake it up with a margarita or just some lime and club soda. A shot of tequila goes a long way. Keep it light and fun!

Reconnecting With Date Night at Home Sandra Jacquemin Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Date Night 2: Game Night for Two

This might make the kids jealous, but go ahead and dig through their games. You might be surprised by how many games you have that you haven’t actually played in a while. Certainly, you have Jenga, Scrabble or Monopoly laying around. Even a simple deck of cards for Go Fish or a game of UNO! Pop a bottle of wine or grab some beers and get into some of those nostalgic games. Target carries great options, so if you plan ahead you can do a drive-up order. You can up the stakes by taking score or placing bets, the loser has to take out the trash all week.  

Reconnecting With Date Night at Home Sandra Jacquemin Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Date Night 3: Camping Out at Home

This is a throwback that your kids will be jealous of. How about building a fort? Pull up some chairs and grab a sheet. Light some candles or dim the lights. We all have cell phones, there are a variety of apps that can pull up sound effects like chirping birds, running rivers and a campfire. You’ll be surprised how peaceful it can actually be. Dust off some Christmas lights and make it a starry night. Lay out a cozy comforter and the rest is up to you. Snack on popcorn, dig into ice cream or pop a bottle of red and just relax. We are all on media overload, maybe just watching a movie from your tent is romantic. 

Reconnecting With Date Night at Home Sandra Jacquemin Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Don’t limit the possibilities.

Other simple ideas include a movie marathon, video games, breaking out the recipe book and trying something new. Or try something old, like Twister, if your hips can take it. Date night has no definition, it is whatever you choose to make it. Something my husband will never admit, yet he is not opposed to is just putting on a thick clay mask and relaxing for 20 minutes. Even if we choose to scroll through and watch DIY videos together on our iPad… the point is being together, above all, that is the goal. Connect. Whatever you do just remember reconnecting is key. With all of the social distancing going around, we can all use a little extra tender connection. Check out this great post on marriage tips. 


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