Embracing Summer: 10 Time Management Tips for Working Moms


As summer break approaches, so too does the promise of longer days, warmer weather, and cherished moments spent with loved ones. For working moms and caregivers, however, the onset of summer also brings a unique set of challenges as we strive to balance the demands of our careers with the joys of family life. With summer break on the horizon and the prospect of more time spent at home with the family, now is the perfect time to reassess our time management skills and prepare for the busy, yet fun-filled months ahead. 

By adopting time management strategies and cultivating a mindset of flexibility and intentionality, we can create a harmonious blend of work and family life that allows us to thrive this summer. With that said, let’s explore some effective time management tips tailored specifically for working moms as we embrace the summer ahead.

Image: A mom plays with her toddler-aged daughter outdoors in the summertime

1. Create your Summer Plan

As you plan your summer, consider both work and family commitments. Prioritize activities such as summer camps, vacations, and special events, and allocate time for them accordingly. By planning ahead and maintaining a clear plan, you can ensure that important family moments are integrated alongside work responsibilities. Bonus tip: Don’t forget to include the kids when planning!

2. Create a Daily/Weekly Schedule

Establishing a structured daily or weekly schedule can help organize time effectively. Allocate specific time slots for work-related tasks, household chores, enjoyable family activities, and personal relaxation. Stick to the schedule as much as possible to maintain consistency and routine. 

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Recognize that summer schedules may be different from the rest of the year, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Be realistic about what you can accomplish during the summer months, both professionally and personally. Set achievable goals that allow for flexibility and adaptability.

4. Prioritize Tasks

Start each day by identifying the most important tasks that need to be accomplished both at work and at home. Rank them in order of importance and tackle the most critical ones first. This ensures that essential responsibilities are addressed promptly, allowing for a smoother workflow throughout the day. Bonus tip: Do this weekly so each day you hit the ground running!

5. Maximize Productive Hours

Identify your most productive hours of the day and prioritize important tasks during these times. Whether it’s early mornings before the kids wake up or late evenings after they’ve gone to bed, use these quiet moments to focus on work-related projects that require concentration.

6. Utilize Time Blocks

Rather than trying to multitask, allocate dedicated time blocks for different activities. For example, designate focused work periods during which distractions are minimized, followed by designated family time without interruptions. This approach allows for greater concentration and productivity in each area of life.

7. Establish Work-Life Boundaries

Set clear boundaries between work and family time to maintain balance and prevent burnout. Communicate your availability to colleagues and clients, and establish designated work hours during which you can focus on professional tasks. Similarly, carve out dedicated family time where work-related distractions are minimized. You’ll thank me later.

8. Delegate Responsibilities

I can’t say this one enough! Recognize that you don’t have to do everything yourself (read that again!). Delegate tasks to family members, such as household chores or childcare responsibilities, to share the workload and free up time for other priorities. See what at work you can share with others so things still get done. Effective delegation promotes a sense of teamwork and empowers everyone to contribute to the family’s and team’s well-being.

9. Practice Self-Care

Prioritize self-care amidst the summer hustle and bustle. Carve out time for activities that rejuvenate and replenish your energy, whether it’s a solo walk, a yoga or spin session, or a quiet moment to read (or realistically, a quiet moment to scroll!). Taking care of yourself ensures that you can show up fully present for your family and work responsibilities.

10. Flexibility is Key

Embrace flexibility in your summer schedule to accommodate unexpected changes and spontaneous family adventures. While it’s essential to have a plan in place, be willing to adjust and adapt as needed. Embrace imperfection and focus on progress rather than perfection. Remember that summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and connection with loved ones!

By implementing these time management strategies, working moms can navigate the summer months with greater ease and confidence. Embrace the opportunity to create memorable experiences with your family while fulfilling your professional responsibilities. With mindful planning and flexibility, you can thrive both professionally and personally as a working mom.



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