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It’s time to shine the spotlight on another local Mom who is influencing others. This month we are excited to feature a Mom who empowers women to take ownership of their personal and business finances. Without further ado we introduce you to Mom of 1 and First Vice President at UBS International, Alexandra Valentin

Alexandra, tell us more about your role in the financial industry. 

I am a Financial educator and mentor for women. My official title is Financial Advisor, but throughout my decade and a half in the industry, I have come to realize that in order to get to the technical aspect of financial planning, I first need to educate and empower my clients. I do that through a thorough process of analyzing expenses, credit utilization, creating budgets, and understanding the client’s balance sheet.

I work with women and families in developing their short term and long term goals based on their values and needs. Together, we create a dynamic plan in order to achieve those goals. Personal finances and money matters, tend to be sensitive and a difficult subject for many, I strive to create long lasting relationships with the people I work with based on trust and hitting the client’s objectives over time.

You’re right, finances can be a sensitive matter. It’s important for families to find someone they can trust. What initially inspired you to enter this field? 

I had been in the Financial Services industry for over a decade when I realized that I needed to make a career change. I knew that I had lost the passion for what I did and whom I did it for, and needed to make a career shift. Rather than completely changing industries, I decided to pivot and refocus my energy on empowering women by taking charge of their financial lives.

Being financially independent and in control of my finances had always been my drive and priority. In my particular case this drive stemmed from my mother who was a typical statistic of divorce: legal fees ate most of the divorce settlement, she had no savings, no retirement planning and needed to start a new career in her mid forties. When I needed to find a purpose and a new passion for what I did, I knew that sharing my knowledge and experience with other women to prevent more and more women from having to go through the same situation as my mother was my calling.

What an incredible way to honor your mother and to serve many other women! Where do you continue to draw inspiration to empower women in a field that can be challenging? 

I talk to a great number of women on a monthly basis; some are extremely successful, some have had difficult journeys. Their stories, triumphs, challenges and lives have become a source of inspiration for me.

In previous conversations we had you shared examples with me about investing in my child’s 529 versus buying another cheap toy and those examples run through my mind when the temptation comes to give in to another random purchase. Alexandra, you really have a creative way to make information about finances interesting and digestible. It’s also proof that good accountability is powerful!

Do you have a mentor in business?   

I have had the same mentor for the past 14 years. It is a person I used to work for and through the years the relationship has evolved into more of a partnership. Nonetheless, he is 10 years my senior and I still seek his advice and guidance.

Tell us more about succeeding in a male dominated field. 

In order to succeed in such a competitive industry, I have made it a point to be true to who I am and what I stand for. This includes what my client style is, how I dress and even how I style my hair. In a sea of suits and ties, I am a different breed of Financial Advisor, and I am very proud of that.

Alexandra Valentin UBS miami moms blog working moms spotlight

What advice would you give women who are few years behind you professionally? 

Be smart with your savings and investments from a very young age. I have seen women in their early 20’s, barely starting their careers, driving luxury cars, taking expensive vacations and having an extravagant social life. In a city like Miami and with the widespread consumption of social media, these habits get magnified. As the saying goes, “We end up buying things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like, with money we don’t have.”

My advice is, don’t get caught up in portraying to the world an unrealistic image of yourself and your reality. Create financial goals early on and work hard to achieve them. Do whatever it takes, eat more at home, learn to enjoy free activities, track all of your expenses against your budget and no, you don’t need 30 pairs of shoes, etc. Believe me, when you start approaching retirement age and you actually can retire comfortably, you will be happy you made the proper sacrifices early in your life.

You’re a professional and also an amazing Mom. How has being a mother influenced your role in business? 

Being a mother, and specially a mother to a little girl, has strengthened my commitment to my mission. As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I knew I wanted to raise a smart, independent woman. And she needed to learn this by example. Part of my job is to create awareness in families in that we need to teach our kids about financial responsibility, literacy and independence. These are topics that are not taught or learned in school or college, but mostly absorbed and observed through parent’s actions at home.

We love seeing strong women building strong women! Motherhood comes with a number of its own challenges. What challenges and rewards have you encountered as a working Mom? 

The first thing I will say is that Work/Life balance is a utopian fantasy. At some point either work or life will suffer and that is ok. In the long run, I would much rather win in life than in work. As any working mom would probably say, not spending enough time with my daughter is a huge catalyst for guilt so I make it a point to make every second I spend with her count.

As far as rewards, I am much more efficient and effective with the time I spend at work because I want to get home sooner and spend the last few hours of her day together. Also, being a working mom has created a bigger incentive to strive to be better, not only to set the best example for her but also to be able to provide her with the best possible life I can.

Alexandra Valentin UBS miami moms blog working moms spotlight

What advice would you give to the Mom reading who may be considering a launch back into the working world? 

For the mom who wants to step back into the workforce I would say be honest with your career goals. Be patient, be mentally prepared, and work hard. As mothers, many step away from a career path to have and raise children. However, when they return to the workforce they encounter lower positions and lower paying jobs than their male counterparts who never left the workforce. Have an honest conversation with your supervisor. Create a plan that will work for you and will fulfill your career goals in the long run. The earlier you have this conversation, the earlier you start.

What resources would you recommend for women in business and for Moms?

For women in business: Be good and do good. Go out, network and create a solid foundation of like-minded, professional men and women whom you can tap into and count on and vice versa. Join professional groups of people in your industry and volunteer for causes you feel passionate about. Most opportunities are presented by people whom you’ve made a positive impact on rather than by how many designations, accolades, or licenses you hold.

For Moms I would say that friend and mommy groups have been a lifesaver for me. There is not a question or concern I have had that these ladies have not immediately answered or provided advice on.

What is your favorite go-to spot for “me time” in Miami?

My house. I used to love going to places and doing things, now I love being in my house and enjoying the home my husband and I have created. 

What are 3 of your simple joys? What truly makes you smile? 

My husband, Baskin-Robbins rainbow sherbert, and landing home in Puerto Rico and hearing all the applauses as we land.

Leave us with the words of wisdom that Alexandra Valentin lives by…

Perseverance and hard work will always yield great results in the long run.


Connect with Alexandra Valentin.

You can find her on Instagram or at UBS

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