3 Morning Rituals to Help Moms Be More Productive Throughout the Day


3 Morning Rituals to Help Moms Be More Productive Throughout the Day

As a wife and mom of a toddler and infant, life often gets busy. There were times when I sat at night and wondered how the day flew by so quickly. I realized that in order to be more productive throughout the day, I had to try to take full advantage of my mornings before the babies wake up. I aim to take advantage when they sleep both during the morning and at night, however I have the most energy in the morning. I usually have at least an hour and a half to two hours before their day starts which gives me enough time to spend quality time with my husband before he heads out to work, prep his breakfast snack, and kiss him goodbye before I have my “me-time.”

My typical morning routine (Monday through Friday) consists of 3 GOALS (in no particular order) I’ve set before the kids wake up.  These 3 rituals lift my spirit and prepare me for the day mentally and physically, and I hope that they may help you tackle your day.   

  1. Shower.  Though this may seem like an obvious one, showering first thing in the morning automatically wakes me up and fills me with energy for a new day.  No matter what, even if there is an early morning prayer meeting at church, I cannot leave my house without showering! Some women who have just given birth may be exhausted and therefore do not shower in the morning and end up wearing the same clothes for days since they are home all day.  I believe this puts their spirit down and adds to the exhaustion. Right after birth, I made sure to shower everyday. If you do not tend to shower in the morning, try it, and I promise you, you will feel energized!
  2. Make the bed.  Ok, here’s a little secret: When I was single, there were times I ran out of my house and headed to work without making my bed. Then, when I married my husband, I realized he would always make our bed every single day. I noticed that my mood would change when I returned home from work to a bed that was made. It made me happier! And now, I cannot go a day without making my bed because it simply makes my world an organized and better place. Plus, it will make you feel like you can go on to your next task on your To-Do list.
  3. Time of prayer and devotional.  It could be difficult to find alone time sans baby throughout the day! I believe most moms know how hard it could be at times to be alone, even things like using the bathroom alone can be virtually impossible with a baby, not to mention a walking toddler! Having alone time with God will not only destress you, but will prepare you for the day, and what better way than to start your day than with God on your side.
  4. BONUS: Workout.  Though I do not do it as often as I would like, now that I am 5 months pregnant, I enjoy walking sometimes as a form of exercise before my husband leaves the house and before Miami’s beaming sun is blazing full swing. If you are not currently expecting, try working out or jogging to kick off your day.

Dear wives and mothers, I know time is so precious yet could be so scarce, but when we take advantage and manage it wisely, we can accomplish more day by day! If you are feeling overwhelmed and down, try to implement these 3 simple morning rituals. I promise, you will feel more productive and energized. These goals will transform your outlook of the day and make you have a positive attitude no matter what you face.