30-Day Gratitude Challenge (With Printable!)


How many times have we said “thank you” without spending much time truly reflecting on our appreciation? We even have a holiday every November, focused on being thankful… but how often do we waste energy complaining about Aunt Olga instead of focusing on our many blessings?

We sometimes do the same with our children; urging them to say the words without reinforcing to them the sacred practice of deep gratitude. 

Children learn from us the best when we are modeling what we want them to do. By watching us work diligently at our daily tasks, they learn the value of hard work. When they see us in healthy relationships, they learn how to be in community with others. The same is true for a gratitude practice!

30-Day Gratitude Challenge (With Printable!) Candice Carricarte Contributor Miami Mom CollectiveWhat’s a gratitude practice, anyway?

It’s so much easier than you may think and it all starts in our mind, without requiring any extra time out of our day. It can be as simple as writing down one thing for which you’re grateful every single day. I personally do this twice a day most days–morning and night–and have experienced a more joyful and fulfilling life because of this practice.

Why is a gratitude practice important?

I’ve spent the last part of this year learning about the neuroscience of wellness and I was amazed to learn the scientific basis for this practice I’ve long held… GRATITUDE. 

You might be surprised to know that multiple scientific studies have shown the benefits of gratitude:

  • Grateful people have fewer physical aches and pains.
  • Grateful people are also more likely to make healthy choices. 
  • 15 minutes of writing in a gratitude journal before bed can improve your sleep tremendously.
  • Gratitude reduces stress and plays a major role in overcoming trauma. 

30-Day Gratitude Challenge (With Printable!) Candice Carricarte Contributor Miami Mom Collective

How do I start? 

I recommend that you don’t complicate it. Print out the gratitude challenge printable that I created for you and put it where you’ll see it every day! Respond to the daily prompt either in a journal or in a note on your phone (studies show there are increased benefits when we hand-write our intentions and our feelings so if possible, do that). 

To increase your endorphins and sense of well-being, SHARE your gratitude with your family and friends to encourage them to do the same thing! 

30-Day Gratitude Challenge: FREE PRINTABLE!

So grateful for you!
Candice xo


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