AKT: The Innovative Fitness Technique is Coming to Miami Midtown


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Have you heard the news? AKT is coming to Miami Midtown!

What do you get when you have a celebrity trainer’s innovative fitness technique plus a dynamic and passionate soul leading the way combined with a vivacious cultural sunny canvas in which we call home? The Anna Kaiser Technique (AKT)

Miami Mommas, I present to you: AKT Miami Midtown!

AKT: The Innovative Fitness Technique is Coming to Miami Midtown Miami Mom Collective

What is AKT?

Founded in New York City by international fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser, and touted amongst some of the nation’s fittest influencers, AKT’s workout applies to all body types and fitness levels with a customized mixture of its four core modalities – DANCE, BANDS, CIRCUIT, and TONE.

AKT is an overall wellness brand that prides itself on delivering a message of movement with purpose fueled by positivity and a combination of personal training, and movement-based technique.

Movement with purpose is a unique attribute that is defined by maximizing the quality of your time with the intention of your workout. AKT understands that Moms are there to get in and out, therefore, classes are designed to make every movement.

Specifically, AKTechnique is rooted in functional movement and kinesiology, that works to create a balanced and proportionate body – the perfect mom bod. You’ll simultaneously stretch and strengthen while challenging yourself in every plane of motion.

AKT also empowers its members to become not only stronger in their bodies but minds and communities as well.

AKT Group Class
AKT Group Class – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

Who can we thank for bringing AKT to our hometown?

Maria Van Thienen along with Alex Goldstein are the powerful partners in which we can thank for bringing AKT to the Midtown neighborhood.

I had the opportunity to meet the woman, mom, survivor, entrepreneur, and passionate soul behind AKT Miami Midtown. Be sure to say hello to her when you see her as she won’t be a stranger to the daily functions of her fitness facility. She prides herself on a hands-on approach for her trainers and clients, instilling a strong and motivating work environment.

Mommas meet one of our own – Maria Van Thienen.

She moved from NYC to bring AKT to Miami!

Maria & Alex
Maria Van Thienen and Alex Goldstein – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

MARIA VAN THIENEN is an advertising leader with more than 11 years of experience in the creative agency industry; Publicis, Anomaly, JWT among others. Throughout her career, she has led and mentored large teams to deliver creative and strategic results globally and domestically. Maria has helped advertising agencies deliver top quality services; grow their revenue; turn unprofitable accounts and win new clients. Among her clients: Diageo (Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, etc), Reckitt Benckiser, Volvo Cars, Citibank, AB InBev, Marriott Hotels, Abbott Laboratories, P&G and others. Maria earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Institutional Relations and relocated from Buenos Aires to NYC in 2010 to pursue a Digital Media Marketing Masters. In addition to this, Maria has a passion for design, travel, fashion, photography and wellness – she became a Health Coach in 2016.

“In 2015 I decided to leave the advertising industry in search for more fulfillment in my career. As I was doing my Health Coach Certification with Kerry Glassman, I discovered The Anna Kaiser Technique (AKT) and attended a week-long intensive training led by Anna Kaiser herself. After that week, I was hooked: I’d experienced more physical, mental and energy changes than with any other workouts. The AKT Technique was challenging yet kept me off my feet, I wasn’t bored, and I wanted to come back for more. After that week, I became an Executive Member. I was doing AKT 6 times a week when I became pregnant with my daughter. I kept on doing AKT but with modifications directed by the AKTeam until the day I gave birth. Bands remains my favorite class!

AKT kept me healthy and sane during that time too! But more than that, AKT and my clean diet gave me the physical and mental strength to survive my undiagnosed Placenta Accreta. I am a case in a million to have survived placenta accreta without any symptoms during pregnancy nor pre-existing conditions that usually develop into this condition. Transforming people’s lives is my mission; providing guidance and education on our bodies and mind, leading a long healthy life.”

Placenta Accreta

For those curious, Placenta Accreta, also known as placenta accreta spectrum (PAS), is a pregnancy condition in which the placenta attaches too deeply into the wall of the uterus. October happens to be Accreta Awareness Month (AAM) and focuses attention on this condition, one of the fastest growing life-threatening complications of pregnancy.

Maria faced this difficulty through pregnancy undiagnosed and nearly didn’t survive to tell the story. Her experience brings awareness to one of the many risks our warrior moms can endure when becoming a MOM, however, this same challenge is the same driving force in which she is using to spread and educate wellness as a practice and mindset. Survival speaks to opportunity to come back stronger and with simply more arsenal to achieve anything that comes your way.

“Nothing prepared you for AKT; AKT prepares you for everything else!”

Why is AKT for you?

AKT Bands Class
AKT Bands Class – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

AKT adapts and meets you where you are in your fitness journey. There is no preparation for it because the preparation is your training. The specifically engineered technique is geared to allow you to perform functional movements at your own pace. The personalized training approach allows for your fitness trainer to modify your workout, so you thrive throughout the entire experience.

The classes combine the best of fitness, integrating interval, circuit, dance and toning into the most comprehensive program of energetic and fun workouts – I mean, what mom doesn’t want fun in their calendar these days? Not only will you be stronger, but you will also experience improved body awareness, posture and confidence.

Additionally, workouts are programmed to connect the body as a whole and not solely focus on one body part. The content in each class stays the same for 3 weeks so you can improve and master each series, then changes to keep your body guessing and you never get bored! AKT will constantly challenge your stamina, endurance, strength, agility, power, and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. AKT has something for everyone – including results, sweat, and fun!

Group Class
Group Class – Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

Are you ready to sweat?

AKTeam – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

If you are as excited as I am, then do not wait another minute to register and be one of the first to take advantage of the industry’s most highly respected fitness concepts to get to our city! 

Founding Members get 20% for LIFE on the Unlimited Monthly Membership.

Being a founding member allows for unlimited classes/month, fixed 20% off for life, a membership that is risk free, $0 enrollment fee, and the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Click here to snag the offer!

This is the best way to really experience how the program can help you attain your goals. Join this great community today!

AKT Group Class – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

Stay Connected with AKT

AKT will be opening in Midtown before you know it, so be sure to stay connected as you don’t want to miss their grand opening this fall. They are adding the last personalized touches to the center so be sure to stop by, snap a pic and tag them on any of their social media outlets. They’ll be sure to share the love. Email them to learn more about when these exciting workout begin!

Contact AKT

Visit: AKT Miami Midtown, 3407 NE 1st AVE, Miami, Florida 33137 // P. +1 (305) 857-5566

Email: [email protected]

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AKT Miami Midtown
Fitness Center – Photo Courtesy of AKT Miami Midtown

On behalf of Miami Mom Collective, I would like to personally thank AKT for bringing their unique passion of mindset and wellbeing to our community. Their mission and direction prove that they understand what our community strives for.

We are in this together! #aktmiami #aktmiamimidtown #theaktstudios #movewithpurpose 


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