An Open Letter to Non-Birth Moms


To the foster mom, grandma, step-mom, adoptive mom, god mom, mom who opened their home after school with the really good snacks, and mom-like figures: you are making an important imprint on the lives of the ones you stand in the gap for. Your presence and the way you show up matters greatly.

To the non-birth moms in our life:

We have all benefited from kitchen conversations with a mom-like figure. From the conversations that seemed unassuming at the time but you still remember today, it wasn’t just the age-appropriate wisdom shared but the way their words were communicated and continue to resonate to this day. 

When we couldn’t ask our mom or didn’t have a mom present to ask. When we knew we could trust you with a really hard decision or we needed to hear from you what we know our mom would say…

A mother with her daughter (An Open Letter to Non-Birth Moms Kristin Parke Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

To the mom in our life that didn’t birth us:

For all the ways you stood in the gap, have been a safe place, sacrificed, taught valuable lessons, cheered me on, showed up time and time again, showed love… thank you.

May you be reminded today that you are an important part of our family story, my life story.

Thank you for being part of my tribe and for being my mom.


  1. Kristin! What a beautiful post. You are so right all mamas matter and should always be celebrated ❤️

    • Thanks Rachelle! Yes! 💯

      We all have women in our lives that have stepped in and stepped up! Let’s be those women for others!

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