Grateful: Valuable Lessons Learned from Quarantine


Grateful: Valuable Lessons Learned from Quarantine Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Mom Collective

We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully)…

These past few months in quarantine have been interesting, to say the least. Emotions have been everywhere, responsibilities have been multiplied, simply stated: life has changed!

Here are a few valuable lessons I have learned during this unusual time:

Family is Everything!

My family has grown so much closer. Thankfully, we have been able to bond with each other through movie nights, bike rides, walks around the neighborhood, and fishing at our canal. I know we are a lucky bunch to have had these opportunities and I am so grateful for this. 

No Social Commitments…

As many of us are constantly on the go, it was a nice change for me personally to not be pulled in what felt like a million directions. No forced interactions, no time frames, no pressing appointments. Before quarantine, I felt frazzled with all of my commitments. Now, do not get me wrong, a coffee or dinner date with my girlfriends would have been amazing. A date night with my husband would have been a relief with everything going on, but I have to say overall having my calendar empty was not as bad as I thought!

Essential Workers Make the World Go Round!

Not athletes, not millionaires, not actors and actresses… everyday people! Doctors, nurses, teachers, delivery workers, custodians… hard-working people who kept us all afloat during this time. I have been guilty of envying some of these famous people, but I am beyond grateful to these essential workers who have helped me and family feel some sort of normalcy during these changing times.

Love Thy Neighbor…

Our neighbors and we have become so much closer. Being outside 15 times a day walking and bike riding will make you meet neighbors you didn’t even know you had. Our neighborhood is now that much stronger with all of us looking out for each other and our kids.

Just Plain, Good Old Gratitude!

I got to teach my students, I got to be safe in my home. I got to spend extra time with my family. I got to learn that I could workout from home. I got to go on morning walks by myself. I got to just be! Whatever your situation was, find something that you were grateful for.

Grateful: Valuable Lessons Learned from Quarantine Sharon Sharifi Contributor Miami Mom Collective


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