Hungry Harvest: Fresh Produce Delivery Service Available in Miami

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It may surprise you to know that even nutrition coaches like myself don’t enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen. If you’re like me, you care about the quality of the food you feed your family and are always looking for an easier way to do it well. I have something to share that I think you’ll be excited about.

Hungry Harvest: Available Now in Miami!

Hungry Harvest has revolutionized the produce industry (did you see them on Shark Tank?) with their their mission of eliminating food waste and ending hunger.  Besides that, they make it easier for families like mine across the US to feed our families FRESH, organic produce at an affordable cost.

I’ve tried two produce boxes so far and let me tell you… not only does Hungry Harvest deliver… but DO. THEY. DELIVER (insert praise hands emoji). I’m here to tell you all about my experience!

Hungry Harvest: Fresh Produce Delivery Service Available in Miami Miami Mom Collective Candice Carricarte

Don’t judge a veggie by it’s cover!

It shouldn’t be a crime to be a little off-size, off-color, a little ugly or a little overproduced… but US retailers will only accept produce that is fit for a pageant! Because of this practice, billions of pounds of produce are wasted every year. Hungry Harvest has saved over 20 million pounds of produce in the last 6 years! 

The produce I received was… great! I really didn’t notice anything crazy. A couple lumps or bumps in the apples and some irregularities in shape for a couple things but most of it looked exactly like what I’d find in a grocery store. And the quality of it all was five stars!


This has been an unexpectedly cool experience because I’ve received vegetables I don’t usually buy. I’d never heard of a carnival squash but, it turns out, it’s delish when roasted and sprinkled with a little brown sugar. Also, these were the biggest collard green leaves I’ve ever seen!

Hungry Harvest: Fresh Produce Delivery Service Available in Miami Miami Mom Collective Candice Carricarte

The verdict?

I loved it! I’ve tried other produce co-ops and this was the best by far. Order your box today! 

  • It’s affordable; starting at only $15, it’s easy to find a box that works for you. The produce may cost as much as 20-30% less than your local retailer. 
  • It’s customizable so it’s no problem if you have picky eaters (like I do!). 
  • It’s convenient; I loved how they communicated through the whole process and I didn’t even have to drive to get my groceries!

How does Hungry Harvest work?

  • The good folks at Hungry Harvest source their food from farms, wholesalers, and retailers, recovering fruit and veggies that are perfectly good to eat but may not be up to the aesthetic standard of retailers. 
  • You order your box (some locations even offer eggs!) by the mid-week deadline
  • You’ll receive an email on Tuesday to let you know what’s in the upcoming box. You’re able to make swaps if necessary! This email helped me plan for recipes.
  • Receive a text on Saturday morning to let you know when the box is en route.
  • The friendly Hungry Harvest delivery person will hand-deliver your goodies (ice pack included in case you can’t put them away immediately). 
  • You’ll get a confirmation text message to let you know the box was delivered. I was very impressed with their excellent communication!

How do you sign up?

  • Check here to see if they deliver in your neighborhood. If not, hop on the waitlist!
  • Choose the box and frequency that works best for you. They start at just $15!
  • Use Code: MIAMIMOM – for 50% off to first-time customers!

Learn more about Hungry Harvest by visiting their website and follow them on Instagram.


  1. Thank you, Candice! I’ve used an organic produce coop in the past but wasn’t happy with their customer service. Just ordered my first box. Love the grocery add-one options, too!

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