Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Daniella Trujillo


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Hola Miami Mamas! My name is Daniella Trujillo and I am so grateful for this opportunity to make a lasting impact by being a contributor. My career as a bilingual, pediatric speech-language pathologist is a passion that keeps on rolling, as I am all about serving and educating children and families. And talking, lots of talking. I have also worked with adults in the acute care hospital setting.

Now, you can find me with my headset and virtual beach background, changing lives, one student at a time. It is incredible to think how my field has evolved over the last 6 years of being in my career. I can do what I love, remotely, while staying close to my son! Meanwhile, my husband graduated with his M.A. in architecture from FIU. He now works as a project engineer for a well-known general contractor. There is constantly so much happening in our lives. Needless to say, I have been yearning for a safe place to share about all things Miami, motherhood, speech and language tips and everything in between!

Daniella and her family


I will start off by saying that I am, undoubtedly, a Miami girl at heart. It’s the Latina pride in me. My birthplace is Norwalk, CT; however, I was raised in rapidly-growing Tampa Bay. Hence why I consider myself a Florida native. My journey into the 3-0-5 began back in the summer of 2014. I left my comfort zone and my family to pursue my career. It became so much more, as God’s plans are always greater than our own. My husband and I actually met before I officially received acceptance into grad school at FIU. It was during my mission trip to the MIA. Talk about a divine intervention! Throughout our relationship, my Miami-native hubby and I have been able to explore So’ Flo’ intricately, from the mom and pop shops, to the yummy food trucks, to the best coffee spots in town! 

The City of Doral was actually the first place I called “home” in Miami, where I lived the first 4 years. When my husband and I got married in 2018, we called the Town of Miami Lakes our home sweet home. We have yet to find another place like this one! There is something special about being part of this small niche community, filled with beautiful parks, famous and picturesque cows, and even our home church.

One thing I love about Miami is the unpredictability of “Miami life.”

What do I mean by that? Well, the fact that there’s never a dull moment when you go to a ventanita to order a cafe con leche (or pastelito de guayaba, of course). My family and I love that living in Miami, the adventure awaits! When my family or close friends come to visit, there is always a new place for us to showcase and add to our running “Que Hacemos Hoy?” list.

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We are a God-pursuing, Disney-loving, bilingual family of three: my husband Hesly, our almost 10-month old, Enzo Valentin, and myself. Both of my parents are Colombian, while my father-in-law is Guatemalan and my mother-in-law is Honduran. So that makes Enzo very unique if you ask me. We always wonder what his Spanish dialect will be like. Our beloved Enzo is the first grandchild on both sides. My two brothers became uncles for the first time, so can you imagine how our families feel?!

My motherhood journey was definitely chosen for and by God. After two major surgeries since my teenage years, I still remember the words of the nurse during my first one at age 15: “God has a greater plan for your life.” And so it happened, on Monday, June 14, 2021, our miracle baby boy was born. Motherhood has been a sacred treasure for me: something I desired so much, yet something I could have never have prepared for in advance, no matter how hard and long I tried. This is what makes each day of being a mother so special to me. As I always tell myself, the best is yet to come as we live out “Enzo’s Story.”

Daniella with her son


Community is a gift. A place we foster trust, build relationships and form a village ready to take on anything that comes our way! So life-giving in my experience as a woman, wife and now, as a mother. Being part of Miami Mom Collective, I am excited to share and hear stories, journeys, and experiences about motherhood, and best of all relate to other women. Miami Mamas, where you at?

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Daniella Trujillo, of Colombian descent, was born and lived in Norwalk, CT until the age of 5, then raised in Tampa, FL. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, graduating as a first-generation college student, with a B.A. in communication sciences and disorders. In 2014, she was led to Miami, where she attended Florida International University to obtain her M.S. degree in speech-language pathology. Over the last few years, she has dedicated herself to the field of speech-language pathology, working in a variety of settings as a bilingual pediatric therapist, and most recently, with adults. Currently, she works via telehealth. Daniella married her Miami-native husband in 2018, and they welcomed their miracle baby boy in June 2021. She is a woman of faith who enjoys drinking cafecito and exploring So Flo’! She feels grateful to join MMC and build lasting relationships. Connect with her on Instagram at @lalatinaspeechie.


  1. Hi Daniella, welcome to MMC!! Loved reading about you and your beautiful family. Looking forward to connecting with you and hopefully meet at one of the upcoming events.


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