Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Diana Garcia


Hey there! My name is Diana Garcia and not going to lie–going from the events team to being a contributor is quite the step for me. But I am so excited to be part of the contributor team for Miami Mom Collective.

Diana and her husband
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I am an only child, born and raised in Miami by what some would call atypical Cuban parents. They were very soft-spoken, proper, and hardly ever ate pork. The most important thing I learned from them was consistency. I grew up in the Fontainebleau/Westchester area and lived in my childhood home until I was 28 years old! Only went to 3 different schools, Stirrup Elementary, Ruben Dario Middle, and graduated from Miami Coral Park Senior High. Our immediate family was very close-knit, most of the time it was just my parents and me.

When I think about what I love about Miami, what immediately pops into my mind is food. Food is what brings our family together here in Miami. From a croqueta and a cafecito at a local bakery ventanita or a cool new bistro in Doral. I love the diversity of food Miami has to offer. You can literally eat a different type of food every day for a month and not even get close to trying them all.

Diana's daughters
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Motherhood has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Although my journey into motherhood started a little different than most. I met my husband Chris in 2013, who was already a dad to a 4-year-old at the time. Fast forward 9 years later and we now have two daughters of our own. My stepdaughter is currently entering her teenage years and our younger two are 6 and 3 years old. Being a girl mom is exhausting! It means my days are filled with princesses, sass and so much pink! However, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Being an only child I didn’t get to experience what an actual sibling relationship really was. I wasn’t born with a de facto best friend, I didn’t have to fight for attention or learn to share (my husband can attest to that one, lol). This is a whole new world for me. How can sisters love each other so much and the next second fight and then hug and fight and rinse and repeat… all day? Needless to say, the sibling interaction has been quite the culture shock. Like most only children, my closest example of s sibling is my best friend. We met when I was 7 and are still best friends to this day.

A portrait of Diana's family
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Although I have lifelong friends, none of them are at the same stage of life as I am. None of them are moms. I’d been looking for a group of cool moms and didn’t really know where to look. Until I came across this amazing group. I did a little social media digging as us girls do and I really liked what I was seeing. In 2020, out on a limb and applied to be part of the Miami Mom Collective events team. I was honestly shocked when I was selected.

I was part of the MMC events team for almost 2 years. After speaking to a close friend, she suggested I should go for a contributor role, and here I am. Being the only mom in my immediate circle of friends, this group has introduced me to some very empowering mommas who always have your back and for that, I am and will forever be grateful.

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Diana Llanso Garcia is a Miami native who is currently living down south in Homestead! She’s a stepmommy of a teenager and mom of 2. Did she mention they’re all girls? Her poor husband, even their family dogs are girls. She is currently a full-time claims adjuster for homeowner claims. She went to school abroad for college although she is not currently practicing what she went to school for. She loves spending time with her girls and her husband exploring new things in their city. Starbucks and Target runs are a definition of a good time in this household! One thing for sure is their house runs on faith, love, and coffee! Follow her on Instagram @Diana.Garcia_16



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