Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Jacqui Jebian Garcia


Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Jacqui Jebian Garcia

Jacqui Jebian Garcia

Jacqui is an old soul and finds joy in all things vintage. If she could live in a VW van while singing old tunes with her guitar, she would! She holds a Bachelor’s degree in music from FAU and a Master’s degree in speech language pathology from FlU. Through singing, she grew an interest in the relationship between music, language, and the brain. She is passionate about combining music and creativity into her multi-sensory approach in order to improve overall use of functional communication skills in a more hands-on way.

Jacqui is even more passionate about her amazing husband of 8 years and their two children, Joshua and Jovi. She is a wife and a mama before being an SLP. She is honest and transparent about all things motherhood, marriage, and mental health. Jacqui sparks her creativity frequently through singing, music, painting, and DIY as her form of therapy. Simply because sometimes when she feels like robots and out of control, she just has to do something creative to feel alive and in control. She invites you to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy to experience her journey of DIY, speech therapy, motherhood, and everything else life brings that falls in between.


Jacqui was born and raised in Miami. She moved many times growing up from Miami Beach to Miramar. She now lives in Miami Lakes. Being the oldest of seven children, her and her family had to move almost every time that her mama added a new addition to the family! Jacqui, her husband, and their two children enjoy riding bike through the pier in South Beach, through the Grove, or even through their beautiful, local parks in Miami Lakes.


Jacqui has been with her husband for 12 years, married for 8 years, and they now have two children- Joshua, who is 4 years old and Jovi, who is 1 year old. Joshua and Jovi are the epitome of ying and yang. Joshua is their dinosaur loving, funny boy who is proud to be a big brother. Jovi is their wild flower who loves to imitate everything that her big brother does. Her motherhood journey as a mama of one as been completely different than her motherhood journey as a mama of two.

From postpartum anxiety and OCD as a mama of one, to postpartum depression and rage as a mama of two, she has experienced a variety of emotions with a full, full heart. She has been receiving psychotherapy consistently since Joshua was 15 months old (almost 3 years ago!) to guide her through this journey of motherhood and parenthood in marriage. Psychotherapy has been life changing for Jacqui as an individual and also for her marriage as her husband also receives therapy, individually and together as a couple. Jacqui is passionate about being an open book when it comes to motherhood, marriage, and mental health because it is all hard; and it is okay to not be okay. What’s important is to keep trying your best to be the best version of you, even when you are not feeling your best- but, do it kindly and lovingly.


Being a mama of two, she is never alone, but at the same time, she has never felt so alone – especially during a health pandemic. When quarantine began, Jovi was only 3 months old. As if maternity leave and parenthood aren’t lonely enough, add a health pandemic in the mix and well, it has been a pretty powerful experience, to say the least! Motherhood has a funny way about bringing moms together, and believe it or not, she has created a beautiful and inspiring community of moms on Instagram which is actually where she came across this amazing blog.

Jacqui is so honored to be a part of a blog where she admires its values so deeply. With her knowledge on speech and language, she would love to one day contribute to the Miami Mom Collective community by offering events to parents regarding speech and language development and techniques on how to stimulate language functionally. She would even love to offer some fun DIY events for mamas who need to have a night out to themselves and stimulate their creativity! Motherhood takes a village and she is passionate about the village she has created, MMC being a part of it. <3

These photographs have been beautifully captured by Mari Forlong.


  1. Jacqui, so happy for you! Welcome to the team! I am looking forward to your content and to getting know you better through this platform!

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