Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Lorena Lougedo-Rodriguez


Hi Moms! I am excited to be part of this community! My name is Lorena Lougedo-Rodriguez. Born/raised in Miami, FL, I come from a Cuban background (Cuban-American). I love my cafecitos, Latin music, and a good game of Dominoes! Also, I am a fifth grade gifted reading/language arts teacher. I have a passion for reading and writing. With that said, I have been married to my husband for nine years. In September 2016, we became parents to our daughter, Mila. Soon after, we had our son, Kevin, in July 2018. I cannot wait to embark on this journey with other amazing mommas!

Lorena with her family (Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Lorena Lougedo-Rodriguez Contributor)


My family and I LOVE Miami’s tropical climate. It is ALWAYS nice and warm. It is the perfect weather for fun in the sun! We enjoy going to its beaches. Also, we like visiting places in Miami like Zoo Miami, Miami Children’s Museum, and Everglades National Park. In addition, I love the deliciousness Miami’s cuisine provides! Miami has such a diverse community; the Latin-American culture is easily spotted all around. We have a blast trying a variety of cuisines. You may call us foodies!


I am the proud momma of a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy. Mila, my daughter,  is our social butterfly. My son, Kevin, has a serious personality, but once he opens up, he is the SILLIEST kid I know! They share such a special bond. Moreover, I am a proud police wife. Ultimately, my house is filled with joy and laughter all day, every day! And, yes, loads of dishes to wash, laundry to put away, and Legos EVERYWHERE! However, motherhood is simply beautiful! My kids make my days brighter with their giggles, jokes, and silly stories. Watching them play together and protect one another is pure bliss. I cannot forget the brother-sister arguments they have! Those are funny too!


I am beyond ecstatic to be part of this momma community! To me, community means sisterhood and friendship. It is a group we can turn to for advice and support. In fact, we can also vent with one another. I am excited to be part of MMC! I know that I can turn to this community of mommas and seek advice and support without hesitation nor judgment and vice-versa. This community serves as a backbone throughout motherhood. I am HONORED to be an MMC mom!


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