Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Daisy Blanchard


Hi Miami Moms! My name is Daisy Blanchard and I am over the moon to officially be joining Miami Moms Blog, such a remarkable group of women collaborating in support of becoming the best moms we can be!  


Born-and-raised in Miami combined with my Cuban roots has given me a genuine passion for living my life to the fullest!  Energized every day by living in the Sunshine state and my cortadito, sets me in a positive mindset to serve and inspire others.  I have grown up loving the sunshine, beaches and tropical lifestyle that Miami offers.  The sun truly recharges my soul. Therefore, Miami is a place I am delighted to call home!

Going away to college for 4 years and leaving home, made me aware how unique and rich my upbringing in Miami was all about.  My parents’ sacrifice for fleeing their country in Cuba to give my sister and I a brighter future and I am extremely grateful.

I worked in Corporate America for over 25 years with some of the most respected brands in public relations, TV and production “exploring the world”(thank you Discovery Networks and NBC).  I flourished in my career and loved every minute. But in my heart I always knew that motherhood was in the plans, but never could have imagined it would define my life’s purpose.

Daisy Blanchard Mom of Boys


Once upon a time…my courtship with my husband Robert of 18 years, was like a fairytale that unfolded unexpectedly.  We met when we were in our teens, then our paths crossed again in our 20’s.  This is when cupid struck and I married my Prince.  Shortly after, we were blessed with three boys! Yes… Boy, Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I am a proud #momofboys to Jean-Luc (15), Jacques (14), and Xavier (12).

​Becoming a mom is when I came into full BLOOM!  I loved my corporate career but in my heart I always knew I wanted to be a mom.  In fact, the motherhood journey came with some struggle.  It was often that I felt the need to justify my title such as a professional Domestic Engineer or Chief Operating Officer.  And that’s when it hit me; that I did not need to have a more distinguished title than MOM!  When in reality the most important title I have ever had is that of MOM.  Which I love to define as:

M – Master
O – of what
M – Matters most!


Daisy Blanchard This Girl podcast


In that struggle of feeling the need to be or do more than being a mom is when I realized that I wanted to foster a community of sisterhood of motherhood.  Since we all know that motherhood does not come with a handbook, I wanted to create a space (mostly for #momofboys) where moms could share stories with the hopes of learning and feeling comfort that they are not alone.

Three years ago, I was enlightened to highlight my creative “pockets” to raise the spirits of mothers in today’s digital platforms by creating  I created my website and instagram account @pocketfulofdaisy to intentionally spread my God given gifts to inspire others by radiating my inner sunshine.

Most recently, expanding my passion project, I launched This Girl Podcast.  I host weekly interviews with the intention to connect, inspire, educate and spark conversation among mothers, especially, my tribe of #momofboys. This Girl podcast was created with the purpose of creating a“sisterhood of motherhood.” On the podcast I share authentic stories for moms to take a pause in their day and be more present.  My desire is that anyone that visits my site or listens to This Girl Podcast leaves with a smile in their heart, and feeling like a better Mom, wife, friend or overall a better YOU! 

I believe in collaboration over competition & coming together.  If you are looking for mommy truth and inspiration visit and follow me on Instagram @pocketfulofdaisy.