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Happy New Year from Miami Moms Blog!

As we begin 2019 we want to celebrate YOU, our readers and committed followers, who have helped to make 2018 such a fun adventure! It’s hard to believe that we launched 6 months ago. 

Thank you for supporting Miami Moms Blog by attending events, reading the blog, sharing posts with friends and engaging with us. We enjoyed an outstanding 2018 and are excited about all that is ahead in 2019 including Bloom, Workshops, Family Events, New Resource Guides and so much more!

Enjoy the Top 10 Posts of 2018 which represent the beautiful community of women who write for Miami Moms Blog. {Click the titles to read more.}

5 Fine Motor Skills Exercises To Do With Your Child at Home – Nicole Santamaria

5 Fine Motor Skills Exercises To Do With Your Child at Home Miami Moms Blog

“I am often asked to help children with their fine motor skills. You know, the “basics” like cutting, coloring, and tool use. Actually, fine motor skills are anything but basic! They are a combination of joint mobility, muscle balance, coordination, attention, planning, endurance and more. More importantly these basic skills lay the foundation to a lifelong mastery that we need to navigate through life.”



Saint Nicholas: Why I Tell My Kids That Santa is Real – Kathy Safi 

Saint Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas: Why I Tell My Kids That Santa is Real Kathy Safi Contributor Miami Moms Blog

“Yes, Santa is real. He’s known for his kindness and generosity to those in need. He spreads Christmas cheer to kids around the world. He’s known to be elusive, giving his gifts in secret and leaving before receiving a word of thanks. But, no, he doesn’t live at the North Pole. And he doesn’t have an appetite for milk and cookies. He prefers to go by the name of Saint Nicholas. And, yes, he is real.”


Christmas Lights Around Miami: One of Our Family’s Favorite Festivities – Vanessa Molina

Miami Christmas Lights Christmas Lights: One of Our Family's Favorite Festivities Vanessa Santamaria Contributor Miami Moms Blog

“When we had kids, our annual tradition of going to see Christmas lights took on a whole new meaning because Christmas is always better when you view things through the eyes of children. The joy on our kids’ faces when they see a display they like makes my mommy heart happy…”




Raising Bilingual Children: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help – Valerie Barbosa 

Raising Bilingual Children Tips and Tricks Miami Moms Blog
Photo by Hazel Photographers

“The truth is that bilingualism doesn’t come as easy as it sounds just because we are raising our children in Miami. It requires effort, strategy, creativity and consistency from a parenting perspective. Here are some of the tips and tricks to expose your children to your native language and encourage them to speak it and feel proud of it!”




Working Moms Spotlight Series: Meet Melissa Medina

Melissa Medina eMerge Americas Working Moms Spotlight Series Miami Moms Blog Just Ask Boo“We understand that managing the “balancing act” of juggling business and family is not easy. Life is busy and can often be very messy. We can and should glean wisdom from the trials and triumphs of other women. It is our hope that the Working Moms Spotlight Series will encourage and equip you wherever you are on your journey. Without further ado, we are thrilled to introduce you to our first Spotlight Candidate: MELISSA MEDINA.”



The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Activities In and Around Miami 

Holiday Activities Guide 2018 Miami Moms Blog

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the Magic City! There are endless festivities happening in and around Miami and the metro area. We have compiled them for you in The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Activities in Miami so you won’t miss out on any of the holiday fun this year! From Santa Sightings to Snowfalls, Fun Runs to Holiday Concerts, Live Nativities and Tree Lightings – there’s sure to be an event fit for your family.”



Behind Every Great Mom Is A… – Ann Ueno

Behind every great mom is a great dad Miami Moms Blog“These next few words are written to honor these men and to remind us women that we should be honoring the dads as often as possible. As it turns out, men DO want to be respected and women DO want to be loved. It’s our role as women to first serve, first love, first honor the men in our life who are cheering us on, sharing in household responsibilities, giving us space when we need it and loving our kids so well.”



Miami Fine Arts Academy: Quality, Convenience, and Value – Kathy Safi 

Miami Fine Arts Academy Miami Moms Blog

“It is with great resistance that I will add anything new to our weekly schedule. It needs to be worth my children’s time. It needs to be worth my time. It needs to be worth the effort of buckling my kids into a car and willingly facing Miami traffic. And so when it came to selecting ballet classes for my three year old daughter, my standards were ridiculously high. When I found Miami Fine Arts Academy, I was met with an irresistible combination of quality, convenience, and value.”



Back-To-School Prep: Proactively Supporting Our Children’s Teachers – Lynda Lantz 

A teachers' apple and some school books, stacked on a desk.

“We live in a society that highly values education, but fails to compensate educators in congruence with those ideals.  Until we can fix that, our support for who they are and what they do can go a long way.  As many of us prepare to send our children back to school, here are some ways we can proactively prepare to care for the teachers that will help to shape them…”



Mothering Through Cancer: 3 Ways to Cure the Perfect Mom Syndrome – Jackie Aviles

Mothering Through Cancer: 3 Ways to Cure the Perfect Mom Syndrome Miami Moms Blog

“It’s Ok to Not Be Ok. We are not supermoms. Knowing this should be a relief! It is not our job to be super. We must stop thinking that we are required to live up to the standards of other moms, or the rules written in the parenting guide at the pediatrician’s office. Make your own way. Let your children see your mess. Let them see you fail and how you deal with your struggles. Be transparent. Let them see you cry. Let them see you disappointed. Remember that you are a sinner and that you are not perfect, but forgiven and extended grace from God.”


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Cierra is the Owner & Founder of Miami Mom Collective. A Southern girl with Alabama roots, Cierra lived in California, Israel, China, and Texas before she married her high school sweetheart and began married life on the island paradise of Key Biscayne. She has a background in Leadership Development and Education which has given her opportunities to work in Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East and Latin America. She served as the Director of Key Biscayne Presbyterian School and attended Harvard University Project Zero Classroom until she launched into her latest adventure: motherhood. Cierra is Mama to a joyful 4 year girl and a handsome 3 year old boy, a nearly toddling 1 year old boy and baby #4 is expected to join the fun in June 2022! She is passionate about leading and developing women to use their unique gifts to serve and encourage others. Follow her on Instagram to stay connected.


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