Puppy Survival: Welcoming the New Member of the Family

Puppy Survival: Welcoming the New Member of the Family Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Molly the Australian Shepherd

Don’t Do it!!!

Just kidding! I’m only saying that because my puppy, Molly the Australian Shepherd, decided to chew up my furniture this morning instead of her bone. But now we are at peace. Ha!

All drama aside, getting a new puppy is a very exciting time, especially if you have little ones. My daughter had been asking me for a puppy for months, even though we already had Lola the Lab/German Shepherd Mix.

Puppy Survival: Welcoming the New Member of the Family Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Brianna sleeping on top of Lola

My daughter loves Lola to pieces but she wanted to experience what it was like to have her very own puppy and after begging and pleading, we gave in. 

Research the Best Breed for Your Family

Lola was a gift from my dad, so we didn’t really get to pick her our ourselves, but Molly was strategically picked. Australians shepherds are not only the most adorable breed (I’m biased), but they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. 

Puppy Survival: Welcoming the New Member of the Family Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Molly at 8 weeks

Picking the right breed is very important and you want to make sure you try to find the best match for your family. Every breed is unique in its own way. Getting to know the different breeds and their traits will make it easy to chose.

Try Adoption First

I know you’ve heard it before but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t buy your dog from a puppy store! More than likely your pup is coming from a puppy mill where they overbreed these poor dogs. 

Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Dogs can bring so much happiness to your family

Always try adopting first. The dog you are looking for might just be waiting for its second chance at a forever home with you. However, If your heart is set on a specific breed, try your best to look for reputable breeders. Get acquainted with all the dog breeding lingo and always ask to see the parents!

Brace Yourself

I repeat… brace yourself! 

The first week a puppy comes home with you is brutal. You’ll have accidents multiple times a day. He or she will not let you sleep, she will eat. everything. in. sight.

Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Be graceful with your pup when they have accidents

When we first got Lola, my husband I had just moved in together and we had no children. Fast forward 9 years, and getting a new puppy after having kids is a whole other ball game! Molly has given us a run for our money and we forgot how much work a puppy can be.


Taking your dog to training classes will be the best investment you can make with your pup. Have them take at the very least the basics so they can follow basic commands at home. You will be glad you did.

Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Training your pup will help with their behavior at home

When Lola was a pup, we took her to PetSmart. Now Molly so happens to be training with the same trainer Lola had. 

Love on That Sweet Ball of Fur 

Remember that no matter how much work they can be at the beginning, dogs are meant to be man’s best friend. That is your new family member, so be graceful, treat them with kindness, and sneak a treat every so often.


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  1. Ohh Ailyn, I think this is a signal from Heaven, I have been debating my self if getting a puppy or not, mainly because of my daughters allergies and because I am not a dog person, but now surfing on the blog first thing I see is your post so I think after we get approval from my daughter’s allergist we will invest our time in a new puppy
    Big hug

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