Rediscover Yourself: Who Are You Underneath the Labels?


If your best friend was to describe you for who you are instead of what you did, what would they say? Exactly one year ago this question shook me to my core and set me on a path to rediscover who I am.

I didn’t know how to answer this question. I could give you my labels but who I was!? Yikes. I didn’t know much about my interests and for 2018 my New Year’s resolution was to rediscover who I was. Somewhere under all of the things I did was who I really was, and I just needed to find her again. 

So I started doing things I loved to do like photography, design, and creation. I loved taking pictures of people so my sweet husband got me a camera to focus in on my craft and passion. I created and designed through home decor, website design, crafts, and events. I found a new passion and things I enjoyed that were my own. It was absolutely amazing! Blogging was among those interests and over the summer I got to join the Miami Moms Blog team. Being a part of this team has opened up doors to meeting amazing women that I’ve come to love.

After a year of rediscovering myself, I can now tell you more about the woman underneath all of the labels.

Hello, I’m Abby, wife to an amazing husband, and mom to the sweetest boy. I love to encourage women through the word of God. I adore capturing moments and editing them. I enjoy blogging and sharing my highs and lows with the community. If I could, I would sit at a coffee shop all day with my girlfriends. I love serving at my church and doing life in community.  I was a country girl and now I’m in love with my city. 

Rediscover Yourself: Who Are You Underneath the Labels? Abby Ape Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Underneath your labels, who are you? I share this with you to challenge you to rediscover yourself! So often we get caught up in motherhood or being a wife or living out the labels we’ve been given. But underneath the labels, who are you?

I hope this question doesn’t overwhelm you but instead excites you to press on to discover yourself. How can I help? Tell me below or let’s connect on social media. I can’t wait to hear more about this journey of yours!

Much love,
Abby A