Small Business: How to Help Mom and Pop Shops During Covid


We love our mom-and-pop shops at MMC! In honor of Mom and Pop Shop Day (March 29), we asked some of our favorite small businesses how we could help a small business during Covid. 

A group from Selah Skin Care at our Bloom event (Small Business: How to Help Mom and Pop Shops During Covid Minerva Roca Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Covid has affected us all but it has hurt so many small businesses and even shut some down. “87% of small business owners say that they struggling because of Covid,” according to a survey from WalletHub. We need to try our best to do what we can. 

A woman wearing an MIA Mom necklace from Emme (Small Business: How to Help Mom and Pop Shops During Covid Minerva Roca Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

1. Shop local small businesses.

If you are looking to buy something, first look at small, local shops before going to bigger brands. For example, if you need to buy a birthday present or Mother’s Day present look first at some of your favorite local small businesses. 

2. Buy gift cards or gift certificates. 

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable going out yet. Or maybe your family or friends don’t feel ready. You can buy a gift certificate for the future when you or your loved ones do feel comfortable because one day this too shall pass.

3. Order take-out or delivery.

You can get take-out or delivery from almost anywhere nowadays. There is take-out or delivery for anything, from food to a DIY art activity. You can stay safe at home and still enjoy the little things.

4. Talk about small businesses. 

Just mention them to anyone that will listen. When you see someone asking for a recommendation, make sure to jump in and tag a small business you know.

5. Show love to small businesses on social media.

This was the most common answer when I surveyed businesses. Did you know you don’t have to spend money to help a small business? You can simply spread the word about their business or services, like their photos, post about their products or services, and tag them. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Tik Tok.

The Miami Mom Collective membership card (Minerva Roca Contributor)

Tight on money? Don’t feel comfortable leaving the house yet? No sweat!! We can still help make sure our favorite local businesses are around when the pandemic ends. 

Have you heard of our Miami Mom Collective membership card? Here at MMC, we are here to support, encourage, and empower our fellow ladies. The team put together a list of local small businesses and even got some discounts. Check it out here!

And for you small business owners, if you want some more mentorship and guidance you can look into the From Dreamer to Doer: A 6-Week Business Mentoring Program from our own Cierra Bragan and Macy Calderon.

The Miami Mom Collective From Dreamer to Doer Series with Cierra Bragan and Macy Calderon (Minerva Roca Contributor)