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Reading has always been a passion of mine. I used to take the train to work (pre-covid). Reading made the time pass a little more quickly. But after maternity leave, I opted to drive my car to work. There wasn’t much time for getting lost in books anymore. But once I mastered managing my time, I discovered that there IS time for reading. And I’ve declared it part of my self-care. Plus summer reading just hits differently. Not sure if its because there’s less traffic, less homework to juggle? But summer reading should always be a thing.

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During my lunch break one day, I discovered that there was a local library right across the street from my office. I found that this was best opportunity to make it to the library. I renewed my library card, quickly befriended the librarians and dove into all the resources all us Miami Moms are privileged to just because we’re residents of Miami. 

There’s also those mommas who enjoy OWNING their own books. And that’s cool too! Amazon, as you know, as been the center of all online shopping. One simple search and you can find almost anything at your fingertips. The pandemic has really done a number on some of the local book stores, but some are still open for business! If shopping small is your thing, head over to Google for the closest bookstore to you. 

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Reading became a huge part of my quarantine routine. As an extrovert, I really don’t think I could have handled it without the escape of books. In the last year and a half (or so) of the global pandemic shut down, I got to dive into some books that I had on my list to read but didn’t have the time to before! Whether you like to feel the physical pages of a book or plug in your headphones and listen to it on audio, there is a book out there for EVERY MOMMA. And I’m sure there’s a mom in your life whose got a book recommendation or two for you to also check out.

I also recently learned of an app called Goodreads. It’s basically a Facebook for BOOKS. It syncs to your contacts and/or Facebook friends and connects you. This allows you to read/write book recommendations of your own for your friends on the app to see! 


Krystal's summer read recommendations (Summer Reading List for Moms Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)


If you want a book that completely captivates your mind, full of drama, love, lust, suspense and ALL OF THE FEELS: look no more. The Henna Artist does it all. This book proved to me that you can’t judge a book by its cover or its title. The book takes place in India and is a story of a woman full of family secrets. The author does an amazing job of keeping you on your toes as secret after secret is revealed. This page-turner will have you wanting to know more! AND GOOD NEWS–Part 2: The Secret Keeper of Jaipur was JUST released this June!

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle

Although this is more of a memoir (I’m not usually into memoirs), this one was so relatable. Glennon gives you insight on experiences as a daughter, wife, ex-wife, mom and woman living in the times of NOW. She dips a little into co-parenting and its benefits when true love is at the center. Overall a good read that makes you think and evaluate how you are doing YOUR life.

THE PUSH by Ashley Audrain

THIS ONE SHOULD COME WITH A TRIGGER WARNING! I recommend this book, not because of its content, but because of how well it’s written. The author makes you feel EVERYTHING that characters feel. It was a slow pace read for me, because I had to take “breaks” to catch my breath with all the twists and turns. But if your heart, body and mind can take it: READ THIS BOOK. It’s been a while (probably since I read Anne Frank in grade school) for a book to take such an emotional toll on me. 


You’ve probably seen this on Hulu or at least heard about it since the show stars fan favs Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. But like any book turned show/movie, the book is SO MUCH BETTER. A true depiction of family drama that lingers to everyday life. The book (like the show) will keep you on your toes. And once you think you finally have a character “figured” out, another fire is formed.

MOTHERHOOD SO WHITE by Nefertiti Austin

I learned of this book while I was transitioning from positions at work. A true novel of a black woman entering the world of motherhood as a single woman and by choice. The author and main character of this book breaks it down the difficulties, struggles and hardship of adoption. She tells her story as a new mother whose choice to adopt within the foster care system of the United States came with tears and sweat. And how she and her son overcame it all. A beautiful tribute to ALL mothers by choice! 


My list of recommendations can go on and on, but I leave with these five. I also challenge you to find some like-minded-book-loving friends who will read with you! Join a book club or log on to Goodreads and see what your friends are reading. It makes summer reading so much more enjoyable when you can talk to someone about it! 

Write your recommendation in the comments! I love finding new reads and know other mommas would too.

A woman in a hammock reading a book (Summer Reading List for Moms Krystal Giraldo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)


  1. Awesome list! I have read a few and they are amazing and the other I have in hold at the library already 🙂 thanks for the refs Krystal!

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