The First Day of Spring and Its Promise of Renewal


In Miami, we don’t feel the obvious transitions of the seasons as other cities do. We go from hot to hotter to less hot. Our seasons are dictated by events like summer vacation and the arrival of pumpkin spice everything.

As spring approaches, we shed the stress of the holidays and leave our forgotten resolutions behind. In their place is an energy of renewal. Springtime is about new beginnings. Flowing and moving forward with the time change, we are asked to let go and release the heaviness of winter.

The First Day of Spring and Its Promise of Renewal Kristine McGlinchey-Yap Contributor Miami Moms Blog

As a first time mom, I’m realizing that motherhood changes with the seasons.

My daughter was born in the summer and I embraced those lazy days with my newborn. In the summer months, there’s no rush or urgency to get anything done (unless there’s a hurricane heading our way). As we moved into winter I felt the pressure of the holidays, our calendar filled up quickly with social commitments and time sped up.

Moving into spring I feel a sense of restoration, joy, and renewal. Now is a great time to reorganize your surroundings. Time to dust off those shelves, tap into your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of the things that do not spark joy. This is a season to assess what is working and what is no longer working for you. Things like prioritizing your family’s well-being and putting into motion things you may have been holding off on. 

No matter what season, let’s not forget to stay in a constant state of gratitude for what we truly love and value. Embrace your family a little tighter, enjoy the sunny skies and take in some fresh spring air.

What will you be releasing or renewing this spring?