Want to Build Your Social Media, Mommas?


So you are a wife, mom, sister, friend, business owner, teacher, personal driver, possibly a homeschool teacher, etc. You name it you are everything, moms! How do you balance it all and build your social media following? Let’s first begin by saying that everything worthwhile takes time. So many times we start something and we expect it to BOOM right away right?

We start a diet and all of a sudden we expect the weight to come off…
We start a business and we assume all these customers are going to be flocking to us…
We want a good, trusting, faithful and long-lasting marriage…
We want good kids that are independent, self-sufficient, smart, athletic, etc…

You get the drift; everything takes time.

Your social media following is just like that.

Want to Build Your Social Media Mommas? Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective4 years ago I had 10,000 followers mainly because I had built respect and a huge following from doing well in my company. Through the years I built it from 10,000 to 34,000 by doing a few things:

1. Posted consistent quality photos.

I mainly use my iPhone 11 for photos but I only post the best quality photos, not everything like you might post on Facebook. I use the Lightroom app to edit photos.

2. Posting consistently.

Post at least one time a day and try to make it at a time where your algorithms show that your friends are watching the most.

3. Liking and commenting on other followers.

Before and after posting spend 15-30 minutes liking and commenting on other followers that are building like you. You can’t be selfish in all of this.

4. Find your “niche.”

What are you about? Try not to be all over the place on your Instagram. Let’s say you are a great cook. You might post a meal, recipe, or a positive quote. Maybe you are great in nutrition so you would post a picture of you working out, a nutritious drink, or a positive quote. If you are into fashion you might post a picture of an outfit, upcoming fashion, affordable finds, or a positive quote.

5. Keep your social media balanced.

You want to have Instagram, stories, Facebook, Tick Tok, your blog, Twitter, and Pinterest. Post on all of them because you never know if one ever goes away.

Want to Build Your Social Media Mommas? Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Be patient and know that everything great takes time. You want a quality following and it will come if you are consistent.

This is where everyone is in business so it is important you learn to master this skill.

Happy posting mommas.

I will see you on the gram!


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