Children’s Mental Health: 3 Ways to Nurture Theirs + Our Own


Hey Moms,
Did you know May was Mental Health Awareness Month? In today’s world, our kids are up against unique mental health hurdles we may not have faced. Anxiety disorders among children and adolescents have increased over the past few decades (Source: Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics). From school pressures to non-stop digital distractions, it is affecting our children’s mental health. It’s important for us moms to be proactive in supporting their well-being.

Image: A woman embraces her daughter


An easy way to support our children is by teaching mindfulness. Teaching our children to be present in the moment, without judgment, can be a great tool. Simple practices like deep breathing or guided meditations can help them manage stress and anxiety. We can help bring mindfulness into their lives with something as simple as a nature walk or savoring a meal. These moments make a big impact.


Open communication is vital too. Letting our kids know it’s okay to talk about their feelings builds resilience. Creating a safe space where they feel heard and understood is key. They can reflect on the day through journal writing and share the moments they’re proud of or moments where they need to show themselves grace. Taking time to recharge and showing self-compassion sets a powerful example.

Professional Help

Lastly, seeking professional help is essential. Just like a physical ailment, mental health needs attention. There’s strength in reaching out to a therapist when our kids need it. We need to also recognize when we need the help. Calling 211 connects individuals to community resources and offers emotional support and crisis intervention. Whether someone is facing a mental health crisis or seeking assistance with other challenges, this 24/7 helpline serves as a valuable resource for immediate help and guidance. Texting HOME to 741741 connects individuals with Crisis Text Line (CTL), where they can receive support from trained volunteer crisis counselors. This is for those in crisis or need of emotional assistance.

Let’s make sure we prioritize nurturing our children’s mental health and our own. We can foster mindfulness, open communication, self-care, and a willingness to seek help and tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

For more helpful information on the topic of children’s mental health, take a look at this helpful resource from another Miami mom. We’re in this together and here for each other!


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