Daylight Saving Time: 5 Ways to Survive It With Children


Every time Daylight Saving Time (DST) rolls around in my house, whether we “spring forward” or “fall back,” it always feels like we are taken off guard. It’s as if someone just swiped the carpet from under our feet, letting us know we didn’t prepare our children to adjust to the time change.

Daylight Saving Time: 5 Ways to Survive It With Children Zoe Costa Contributor Miami Moms Blog
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Just in case you need a reminder like I do, DST will be on Sunday, March 8, 2020. We are “springing forward” and preparing to set our clocks one hour ahead.  As we already know, the time change can throw off your child’s sleep schedule. Here are 5 ways to survive Daylight Saving Time with children and minimize the effects for the whole family!

Sticking to a schedule is your best friend

About a week before we “spring forward,” start going to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime.  Your body needs that bit of extra time to make up for the lost hour.  My 6 and 3 yr old girls thrive on following a consistent schedule. Since we are entering a new season, schedule and activities can feel a bit chaotic. This is why sticking closely to your current routine is so important. Making minor changes as needed is totally fine!

Don’t make crazy plans for the next day

With the time change, children can feel cranky and have a shorter fuse as they try to adjust to a new routine.  Warning: This is not the day of going out and doing all the errands! On the day of the time change, as a family, we like to keep that Sunday very chill and low key. This will help children get adjusted with the time change before starting school on Monday.

Turn off all the gadgets, screen time, and electronics

During the evenings in our home, we turn off all gadgets and electronics at least 1 hour before bedtime. We start dimming the lights and begin the night time routine. We do this because certain types of light hurt melatonin release (melatonin helps control your daily sleep-wake cycles). DST is the perfect time to try taking the screens out of your child’s bedtime routine.

Tart Cherry Juice & Sleep

Did you know: Studies have shown that people who consumed tart cherry juice fall asleep faster and lengthen their sleeping time between 60 and 90 minutes. Tart cherries have been found to contain high levels of phytochemicals including melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Always check with your doctor to make sure your little one does not have any allergies to cherries that could cause a reaction.

Invest in a child-friendly alarm clock

Using a child-friendly alarm clock has been our saving grace for my oldest daughter. It lets her know when it is okay to get out of bed when the clock changes color. If you already have an early morning riser, like my daughter, the great thing is with the time change this alarm clock will help to shift those early morning wakings to a more manageable time!                                                                     

Above all else, be patient! 

Don’t forget to take a few deep breaths, check-in with yourself, and have patience with your child as he or she tries to adapt to their new routine. You got this mama!

We would love to hear from you! What helpful tips or tricks do you use with your children to help them with transitioning to Daylight Saving Time?


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Dr. Costa is a military spouse who is currently stationed in Miami, FL. Her husband serves Active Duty in the the Coast Guard. Together they have two beautiful girls who are 6 and 3 yrs old. Moving every 3-4yrs made it challenging to pursue her career as a chiropractor, due to her husband’s job. Together, they made the difficult decision to pause her career until both of her girls were in school. Dr. Costa had the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of the human body teaching anatomy and physiology at the college level when stationed in Long Island, NY. Since moving to The Sunshine State, she has dedicated and focused her time to raising her daughters while working part-time as an online health and fitness coach. Dr. Costa continues to educate her clients on how to live healthy and fulfilling lives through proper nutrition and fitness. Follow along with her at survivalofthefittish_mom on Instagram to stay connected.


  1. This is super helpful, Zoe!
    I didn’t know this about TART CHERRY! Doesn’t sound like it would taste any different from children’s tylenol?! I’m also interested in know which alarm clock your daughter is using? I still think my little guy is too young for one, but if he grows up to be anything like his father- he’s going to need one!

  2. This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing. I didnt know the tart cherry thing either. Ntm, all the other tips are perfect reminders!

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