Redefining The “Normal” Bedtime Routine

As full time employees and parents of a 2 year old, we don’t really have a “normal” bedtime routine like most people do. Our schedule is crazy and our time with Madison is precious. We do have a bedtime routine, but we don’t follow time slots like dinner at 6:00 PM, bath at 7:00 PM and fast sleep by 8:00 PM. 
Our schedule is a bit hectic! We live close to downtown and Madison stays with her Abu in what I like to call “the suburbs of Miami” while we’re at work. Our days are long and our nights are short. We begin our days at 5:00 AM and don’t end til anytime between 10:00 PM – 12:30 AM.
Alex and I both work until 5:00 PM, so getting from Downtown Miami to the “suburbs” and back is sometimes faster if you walk. On average, we pick up Madison by 6:45 PM (there goes that 6:00 PM dinner time) and we’re home by 7:20 – 7:30 PM (and there goes bath time) depending if we talk with his parents. Sometimes have to stay at work extra hours to finish something up for our bosses (which happens more often than not). Then most of the time, the Miami traffic just gets the best of us. I’m sure living in Miami, you can imagine how even those traffic hours can vary. 


We do have dinner…

…it’s just whenever we get home and Alex or I finish cooking (whenever that is)

We do have bath time…

…it’s just usually an hour or so after dinner so we can play and have one-on-one time with Madison.

We don’t really have a bedtime.

Madison sleeps with us, so when we go to bed, she goes to bed. It’s very seldom that she’ll fall asleep on her own and if she does, she either wakes up with a burst of energy or screaming her head off that were not in the bed next to her. 
We do our best and we try our hardest to keep a “normal” bedtime routine with Madison, but our time is limited during the week and kids are only little for so long. She might not have a set timed schedule, but she does get enough sleep, enough to eat, and she sure does have the best time with her parents. 
This is our reality.
This is how we run our home.
I’m sure there’s one thing you let slip as parents too.
You know what, that’s totally okay because none of us are perfect.

So, for now, this is our “Normal” Bedtime Routine and it works for us! 


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