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PTA Mom? Me?–Volunteering at Your Child’s School

I work... I really don't have time for this. So, Mama, you're working, cooking, cleaning, and planning activities for the family and now your child's...

IEP? 504? Can Someone Please Explain What This Means?

IEP? 504?  Can someone please explain what this means for my child and their success in school?? Of course, I can! I have been teaching...

The Ultimate Guide to Miami Preschools

Miami Moms Blog, Miami’s Premier Parenting Resource, is thrilled to announce our Ultimate Guide to Miami Preschools!  Because Miami is such a growing city, we...

Keeping Your Immune System Strong–How’s Your Gut?

School. Has. Started. (Cue all moms popping bottles of champagne and kicking their feet up in celebration!)  As all our little love bugs head...

Homework Drama: Here’s How You Can End It for Good!

Are you at the beginning of the school year and already dreading the after school time because homework is driving you, your child and...

Back-to-School Survival: A Kit for all the Busy Moms

It’s here, the season that most of us had been patiently waiting for all month long… it's back-to-school time! Some of us were eager...

Starting Preschool: The Journey to the First-Ever Day of School

Probably one of the most difficult decisions we make as mothers, at least for me, is when to start our children in school. Although everyone...

Back to School: Gluten-Free Lunchbox Ideas For Busy Families

The kiddos are heading back to school and if you are like me and have a kid with gluten or any food allergies, packing...

Clear Heads Before Going Back to School – Lice 101

Summer is almost over, and we are fine-tuning the last details before going back to school. Clearing your kids' heads of lice is a...

Back to School Fashion Tips for All the Miami Mamas!!!

Well, Summer Sure Flew By! Hopefully, you have had a chance to unwind and find some relaxation time before this new school year begins. If...

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