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Back to School 2020: What Do We Do?

Let me preface this post: This post will not pick in-school vs. virtual learning. You will not finish this post and say, "Yes! I...

Speech Therapies Temporarily Canceled? What You Can Do At Home

As local governments loosen quarantine restrictions and begin to reopen their economies, many parents are left wondering when therapeutic services will restart. Whether it...

The Graduating Class of COVID19

Omnium delet est.  Everything is cancelled.  The Latin "delet" quite literally means "blotted out."  It also looks a heck of a lot like our English...

Distance Learning: Helpful Tips for Children With Special Needs

Being a parent to a special needs child is especially trying at this season of our lives. But there is good and bad to...

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020: Virtual Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May. Corona has canceled so many things. Birthday parties, weddings, so many special events. However, to quote...

Homeschool Playlist: For Parents on the Struggle Train

We homeschooled our teenage daughter during 8th grade and it was as amazing as it was challenging. At times I thought I’d have a...

¿”Homeschooling” durante la cuarentena? Estos 3 consejos son para ti

Empecemos diciendo que nunca hubiera elegido educar a mis hijos en casa. Algo que en inglés se conoce como homeschool. Lo dije, por fin, después...

10 Tips For Working From Home — With Kids

I recently received a sweet gift from my BFF: A T-shirt from Confident Motherhood that reads: The mornings start early & the nights go late #motherhood How...

Distance Learning: Confessions of a Teacher During Quarantine

So from one day to the next, we Miami teachers became distance learning teachers. My first thought? Um, what in the world is going on?...

The Roig Academy: Encouraging Students to Become Lifelong Learners

Authored By: Jennifer C. Roig, M.Ed, Head of School, The Roig Academy A lifelong learner is a child who understands the value of education and...

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