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Nursing Moms: Helpful Tips for Your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding is a beautiful process that can be enjoyed by both mom and baby by expressing gratitude for our amazing bodies, as well as...

Fur Babies: Introducing Them to Our Newborns

For many of us, before we had kids we had fur babies. Our dogs were our whole world. We would go on walks, play...

Detoxifying Part 3: BEAUTY, Nontoxic, Clean Everyday Products

As far as detoxifying we've discussed the basics and home, now let's take this to our bodies. Shifting to nontoxic with our everyday personal...

Cinco pasos para crear una rutina efectiva de sleep training

Antes de ser mamá, decía que “yo nunca, iba a ser una mamá estricta con rutinas” (definitivamente la ignorancia es atrevida, como diría mi...

Working From Home With Neck and Shoulder Pain? Exercises for Relief

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with...

Bottles: Helpful Tips for Introducing Them to Breastfed Babies

A common question I get from new parents is how to introduce a bottle to a baby who is breastfeeding. There are many reasons...

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Understanding Head Trauma in Infants

Imagine jumping out of a plane and plummeting down to our beloved Mother Earth. Your physical body is free falling, but your mind reached the...

Tips para disfrutar de una buena parrilla o asado en familia

Como buena familia latina, muchas de nuestras celebraciones familiares se desarrollan en torno a la mesa y la comida. Entre las tantas cosas buenas que...

Learn Spanish: 6 Quick Ways When You’re New to Miami

Miami is a very special place in every aspect. Due to its close proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America, Spanish is a language...

Self Care Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy: Just Breathe

Women in perfectly matching workout gear showing off their entire week of meal prep and their homemade foot scrub got you feeling like a...

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