Camping in the Great Outdoors: Bring Your Family Closer this Summer

Camping in the Great Outdoors: Bring your Family Closer this Summer Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
A little surprise message for Brianna!

Summer is creeping up on us and the thought of vacation seems to pop in my head a lot as of late. It’s time to hang the apron and hit the road! The great outdoors is waiting for you. The aroma of pine trees, wet grass, campfires, and roasted marshmallows are things that scream camping. But, can I tell you that it goes beyond that? I’ve been camping with my family since 2016, and we’ve had such a good time that I spruced up 3 reasons to go camping this summer!

Exponential Family Time 

Okay, I get it. You spend day in and day out with your family, but is the time you’re spending together QUALITY TIME? Screaming at your kid to go shower for the 5th time, finishing never-ending packets of homework, and binge-watching episodes of Last Man Standing together in the living room while your kids play with their toys is not an ideal scenario of family time.

When you’re out camping, your life changes gears. The possibilities are endless. Biking, hiking, fishing, playing at the playground, taking a nice jog, etc. Just know that you will be able to tell your child YES when she asks you to play with her. 

Camping in the Great Outdoors: Bring your Family Closer this Summer Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
A family that eats together, stays together.

Camping is also all about teamwork. My family and I have assigned jobs and work together as a team because, truthfully, camping is not a glamorous vacation. I will warn you that you will cook, clean, and get dirty, but it’s SO worth it! Most of the time we bring my parents along for the ride.  It’s great to have an extra pair of helping hands around, especially when Mommy and Daddy need a date night while on vacation. Date night definitely falls under the “family time” category, right? After all, your sweet little munchkins wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the love you have for each other. Cheers to always keeping that spark!

Vacation is Affordable

If you are a family of 3 or more, you know how pricey going on vacation can be.  Even if you are the biggest penny pincher, flights are not cheap. And going on a cruise is going to make you pay a 3rd passenger fee for your baby who will not consume a single thing on that cruise. Going camping can be the most affordable way to vacation as a family. 

When we book our vacations, long or short, we always check state parks first. State parks will be the least expensive way to camp. At rates starting at just $18 a night, you can’t beat that. Of course, prices vary from state to state. But Florida State Parks, for the most part, are very affordable, even in the Florida Keys (good luck booking those)! 

Camping in the Great Outdoors: Bring your Family Closer this Summer Ailyn Quesada Contributor Miami Moms Blog
St. Augustine, Florida

Currently, we are in the midst of planning our Summer vacation to Texas. It’s a great idea to book these campgrounds with months of anticipation, that way you have first dibs of the best campsites in the campground. Due to their prices, these campgrounds are usually booked very quickly, so I highly recommend planning accordingly. Something else that helps is traveling with Grandma and Grandpa! My parents are retired so we can use their senior discount. Just to give you an idea, we only paid $11.00 for our 1-night stay at Davis Bayou Campground in Mississippi, instead of the regular price of $20. Affordable is an understatement. 

Every Trip Is a Learning Experience

When you think of vacation, you imagine yourself on a white sandy beach with an umbrella drink, and although that does sound great, the kids (and adults) won’t be having much of an educational experience. We live in a fascinating country that is rich in history and has very interesting places to visit.Aand as a mom, I want to make sure my girls are being exposed to learning experiences as much as possible, even while on vacation. 

Biltmore Ailyn Quesada Contributor
2018-Visiting the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina

In the time we have been RV’ing we have experienced so many of the wonderful sights our country has to offer. Never did I know that Florida had so many springs. When we visited Everglades National Park, the girls learned so much about wildlife and respecting creatures and their habitats. We have even visited battlegrounds and plantations in Louisiana. The learning opportunities are endless, and if you do a little research about the places you’re visiting, you’ll be able to better expose and explain things to your kids.

When I say learning experience, I am not just referring to first-hand exposure to geography and history. When you take the kids camping, they are learning patience, teamwork, and minimalism. Qualities in life that will help them succeed as adults.

At the end of the day, I believe that camping will bring out the most in your family vacation! Have you ever gone on a camping adventure? I would love to hear your camping stories!


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