Planning a Visit to Key West with the Kids


Planning a Visit to Key West with the Kids Miami moms blog

So, I am a big fan of Key West.

Let me clarify: Key West without kids.

However, after many years of visiting Key West without our kids, this past spring break we headed out to the southernmost point with our youngest, (12 year old) and our good friends and their 2 boys (13 year old and 11 year old). Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to share our secret getaway with the kids. However, we had a blast and here is what we did to make it a great vacation for all!

Where To Stay:

We stayed at the Silver Palms Inn which was a suite-like room. There was a great pool and we were within biking distance from most of the cool spots. Once we arrived and checked in we immediately rented bikes. Our family rides bikes a lot, so my son was very comfortable riding on the street. (The other family not so much). They rented scooters for dad and the youngest boy while mom and the oldest biked with us. The point was we still got to leave the car and be free!

Planning a Visit to Key West with the Kids Miami Moms Blog

Where to Eat & Enjoy Live Music: 

We did take the kids with us to Pepe’s our favorite place for margaritas. We ordered the kids mac and cheese and virgin pina coladas and walked along the Wharf to the Key West Sunset Celebration. I had forgotten how much fun it was! They have some amazing street performers that are entertaining for all ages.

Since the boys were older and we had the suite we left them watching a movie while we ventured off on our bikes for some live music at the Green Parrot. While we did come in earlier than we would if we had been without the kids, the point was we still got to do an adult activity and the boys got to bond.

The next day we biked to a great breakfast at Blue Heaven then we ventured off to Fort Zachary State Park Beach. We have visited this beach before but we had never ventured to see the fort. Can I tell you that it was awesome! So a big thanks to the kids who got us there!

(I guess Key West with the kids isn’t so bad after all!) 😉 

All in all, we had a great Key West experience.

Our out of town friends loved it! They especially loved that we knew where to go and what to do.

Yes, we came in a bit earlier than we usually do.

Yes, we had less Margaritas than we usually do.

Yes, we had more pool time than normal but it was a great vacation for everyone!

It’s all about modifying the activities to keep all parties happy.