Virtual Tours: Taking Trips Around the World While Quarantined


Being quarantined is not all fun. But there are many parts of it that opened my family’s eyes. We have definitely learned many new things about each other and about the world we live in. I know we will never be the same. I don’t expect anyone will be. 

Our daughters have always been in school. We occasionally have moments where we stay home together but never like this. Being in self-isolation opened our eyes to what makes us all tick. They learned that naptime means mommy needs a break. And that even if you haven’t napped in years, you better start now. And I learned that they are extremely compassionate little humans that want to explore anything as long as it’s with me. 

We had moments where I had to explain why the library was closed or why we couldn’t go to their cousin’s pool. However, there were awesome moments where we got to visit San Diego Zoo, the Louvre in France, and other places around the world.

Virtual Tours: Taking Trips Around the World While Quarantined Janeris Marte Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

Thank goodness for virtual tours.

When I didn’t know what I would teach I would set us up to travel to another part of the world. I could have gotten creative and made plane tickets and had them pack a suitcase. But I’m also running a business and honestly, I just wanted to get things done. I wanted them to have fun without too much fuss. 

 My girls pointed out fish they knew at the Georgia Aquarium and asked about what they didn’t know in Tokyo. I think it’s been one of the highlights of our time in isolation. I never thought we could visit so many places online. I’m grateful to be able to take my kids to so many interesting places.

While this experience has been scary, it has also been lots of fun. At some point, they’ll go back to being taught by their teachers and I’ll have no control over any of it. But for now, I’ll take some time to show them the world. 

Available Virtual Tours

Machu Picchu, Peru
The Louvre, France
Georgia Aquarium
San Diego Zoo
The British Museum, London
The Vatican, Rome
Musée d’Orsay, France
Athens Acropolis, Greece



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