Ultimate Holiday Toy Gift Guide Sorted By Age and Gender

This Guide is brought to you by our partners Wicked Uncle.

Makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice?

Who doesn’t love a good Toy Gift Guide? The Christmas season is just around the corner and we want to make it easy for you! We have compiled an ultimate list of toy gift ideas for kids, all conveniently sorted by age and gender.

All of these toys can be easily ordered from Wicked Uncle, an online toy store that sources the best toys. They even gift wrap and provide greeting cards so they are truly a one-stop shop. Not only do they research the toys in the curated lists they also have them tested by real children! My kids love their toys from Wicked Uncle and we feel confident that yours will too!

miamimomcollective wicked ucncleToy Gift Guide By Age

Here are our top picks for toys and gifts in 2020:

  • Best Toys and Gifts for Toddlers
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 3-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 4-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 5-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 6-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 7-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 8-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 9-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 10-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 11-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 12-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for 13-Year-Olds [Girls | Boys]
  • Best Toys and Gifts for Teens [Girls | Boys]

What is your favorite toy idea from this Toy Gift Guide?
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Editors Note: Play is the language of children and we love that! We understand that there are many research-based articles on the pros and cons of gender-specific toys, a topic that many parents are passionate about. In this particular toy series with Wicked Uncle, we are highlighting specific ages and gender specific toys. We hope our mega list, compiled with the help of Sour sister sites around the country, will be helpful for you in choosing the right gift for your child. We encourage play and imagination at every age! 

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