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A frozen watermelon pop (Watermelon Pops: Real Fruit Frozen Treats Your Kids Will Love Dina Garcia Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Watermelon Pops: Real Fruit Frozen Treats Your Kids Will Love

Most kids love popsicles, especially after playing outside in the Miami heat. Parents, however, might not love pumping their kids full of added sugar...
A girl hitting a pinata (Hispanic Heritage Month: Ways to Celebrate Lorena Lougedo Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Hispanic Heritage Month: 15 Ways to Celebrate

Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Diversity! Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 through October 15. During this month, we celebrate Hispanic culture and history. We...
A sliced pumpkin with seeds (Fall's Most Fabulous Superfoods Your Plate Needs Monica Moreno Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Fall’s Most Fabulous “Superfoods” Your Plate Needs

Not all superheroes wear capes. While there are no such things as "superfoods," clinically or scientifically speaking, we can certainly rely on certain autumnal...
A mother holding her infant (To Parent in a Broken World Kristin Parke Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

To Parent in a Broken World

How do we parent well when we feel the weight of what looks like the world falling apart around us? The news has been...
Holly holding her grandbabies for the first time (Grandparents Day 2021: Becoming a Grandparent Is a Special Gift Holly Farver Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Grandparents Day 2021: Becoming a Grandparent Is a Special Gift

When I was raising my children, I wasn't thinking of how I would have the opportunity to become a grandparent.  I was focused on...
A list of names engraved at the September 11th Memorial (Remembering September 11th Becky Gonzalez Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Remembering September 11th

Remembering September 11th means different things to different people. My memory isn't what it used to be. I'm sure that sounds like such an "older...
A picture of Sandra as an infant with her first Mickey toy (Disney Has Some Secrets, Sort Of Sandra Jacquemin Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Disney Has Some Secrets, Sort Of

THE NOT SO SECRET, DISNEY SECRETS YOU NEVER KNEW Not only have I been to Disney Parks my entire life, but I've also had the...
A mother and daughter in superhero costumes (Boosting the Immune System for a Great School Year Ahead Adita Lang Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Boosting the Immune System for a Great School Year Ahead

School is here, and unfortunately, COVID 19 is still here as well. With in-person school as the primary school of choice, it's important we...
Apples, honey, and pomegranate (Rosh Hashanah: How to Celebrate the Jewish New Year With Kids Bella Behar Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Rosh Hashanah: How to Celebrate the Jewish New Year With Kids

Another Jewish Year is coming to an end, and we are welcoming the Jewish Year 5782. If you want to learn more about the...
A little girl snacking on a ready to eat pancake from bakerly (Snack Time: Unwrap et Voilà With These Snacks From Bakerly Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Snack Time: Get Ready for Back-to-School With These bakerly Snacks

Snack time is such a thing, isn't it?! When the kids are home during the summer, it often feels like snacking becomes a day-long...

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Café da Manhã Fácil e Saudável para Pais e Crianças

For the English version of this post, click here. Como novos pais, uma das coisas mais difíceis é não se esquecer de comer. Entre trocas...

Meus três aplicativos favoritos para fazer exercícios em casa

Clique aqui para ler este post em espanhol. Quer saber quais os três aplicativos para fazer exercícios em casa que eu uso? Vem comigo que...



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