Lynda Lantz

MMC Managing Editor Lynda Lantz

Executive Team Member
& Managing Editor

Lynda Lantz is originally from Côte d’Ivoire, where she lived until the age of 7 when her family moved to Northern VA. She graduated with a degree in music from George Mason University and went on to work with Cru at four universities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She was living in PA when she met her husband, Steve, on eHarmony and moved to Miami in 2011 just a few days after their wedding. Shortly before becoming a SAHM, she was employed as an adoption caseworker and worked part-time with Cru at UM, and later Johnson & Wales University. Since then, she’s been heavily involved in BSF. She loves working with Miami Mom Collective and introducing people to this city she’s come to call home, where she lives with her husband and two children. Connect with Lynda @mybalantzedlife on Instagram.

Valerie Barbosa

Valerie Barbosa Miami Moms Blog Contributor

Executive Team Member, Spanish Editor & Director of Non-profit Partnerships

Valerie is a Venezuelan-American mom of three. She moved to Miami to study and build a career, and while doing so, ended up building a family with her Brazilian husband. Inspired by her learning experiences as a wife and mom with a career and a ministry, she started writing and sharing her thoughts on her instagram account, Familia With Purpose. A multicultural parenting blog, Familia with Purpose reflects her trilingual family and their faith in Christ at the center of their lives to find wisdom, strength, joy and purpose. Valerie is passionate about sharing Biblical encouraging truths applied to purpose-driven motherhood and family life. Follow Valerie on Instagram @familiawithpurpose. 

Bella Behar

MMC Contributor Bella Behar

Executive Team Member & Social Media Coordinator

Isabella “Bella” Behar is a working mom with an MBA and a background in education. She absolutely loves her tropical home of choice, Miami, and its eclectic neighborhoods. In her past-time she used to blog and write about Miami’s well-known sites as well as its hidden gems. Her whole life changed when her son David was born in May 2018. She felt reborn in her role as a mom so she started redirecting her blogging and social media activities to focus on her life as a parent and became deeply involved in Miami’s mom community. She spent her free time going to mom events, mommy and me classes, and other family-friendly activities where she met a lot of like-minded mom bloggers and “mom-influencers.” Connect with Bella on Instagram @isabelita305.

Illiett Ojeda

Meet Our Contributors Illiett Ojeda

Executive Team Member
& Event Coordinator

Meet Illiett! Known to walk to the beat of her own drum. She strives for constant growth and isn’t afraid of the climb to achieve it. Illiett is an energetic and soul-spirited wife and mom to a supportive husband of 13 years and momma to a dynamic duo: Kash and Maui. This pair are collectively her tropical island and the proud owners of all her grey hairs (ha). Her children’s busy sports schedule has allowed her to master the very gracious bleacher hop which she wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a mom is just one of her many passion projects. When she is not working her corporate 9 to 5, she picks up her second wind and works on her side hustle. The need to have a creative outlet and a full calendar has always been something that drives her. Illiett has set out to use her past teaching and communications degrees – as well as her innate passion for inspiring to create connections through motivational speaking and DIY workshops. Her recent project of #Chasinbalance is a platform that allows her to empower and provide resources through intentional vision board sessions, wellness retreats, DIYs, and fitness guidance.  She invites you to follow along @illiett to experience the journey of balancing the unpredictable mom-preneur life. 

Jessica Socarras

MMC Contributor & Events Team Coordinator Jessica Socarras

Event Coordinator & Contributor

Jessica is a mom, wife, and Realtor®. A Miami native, whose variety of life experiences has molded her into the giving and passionate person she is today. Jessica and her husband have been married for 4 years and are currently navigating the turbulent waters of 2 boys under the age of 2. Becoming a mom has inspired her search for a community of strong, encouraging mothers and a willingness to support others on the same journey balancing family and entrepreneurship. Follow along @jessyourmiamirealtor on Instagram.

Krystal Giraldo

MMC Contributor Krystal Giraldo

Hospitality & Events Calendar Coordinator

Krystal Giraldo works full-time and is a momma to one rambunctious toddler and step-momma to one thriving pre-teen. Her bachelor’s degree in psychology has really allowed her to excel at work and at home in the role of mom and stepmom. She has lived in Miami all her life (although born in New Jersey, her Puerto Rican mom and Colombian dad moved her here to Miami just shy of 3 months old). She met the love of her life online (like a true millennial) and has embraced all life changes with good books and cafecitos. She tends to overwork and overthink which is what makes her so relatable to other moms. She is also an exceptional planner which helped her land the position as coordinator in the Domestic Violence Unit for the 11th Judicial Circuit. Krystal enjoys traveling, attending community events, eating sushi and trying all the red wines. This momma strives to continue strengthening and growing her village through her family and friends, both local and out of state. And cannot wait to connect more with her virtual tribe within the Miami Moms Blog community.

Alejandra Escalante


Team Photographer

Alejandra is professional family photographer and mother of 2 daughters. She was born into the warm embrace of Mexico, where family connections and memories are truly revered. As she grew up, her father took countless pictures of her and my two sisters with his always ready camera. To this day, those childhood memories are framed on the wall of her parents’ home. As time passed, she discovered she had a passion for photography and began to tell her family story through her own lens.

Adita Yrizarry-Lang

Adita Lang Miami Moms Blog

Founding Contributor 

Adita Yrizarry-Lang is a SuperPower aficionado and mother of 2. Her “Journey” started as a fitness instructor 30+ years ago. Since then, she expanded her endeavors, from a biomechanics and resistance training expert to nutritional guru, mind-body coach, author of SuperPowers, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness and SuperPowers of the Family Kitchen, and women’s advocate for healthy living.  Adita holds a degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a Lv3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Chek Institute, and has been accredited by several health organizations. She has trained thousands of fitness professionals worldwide and often speaks at schools, Fortune 500 companies, and private organizations on the benefits of quality foods, longevity, and amazing health.

Adita’s mission…encourage individuals to live Inspired. She wants to bring out the challenges and offer solutions to make SuperPowers shine and life thrive on! Visit, to join her for recipes and more.

Ana-Sofia Navarrete DuLaney

Meet Our Contributors Ana-Sofia Navarrete DuLaney

Senior Contributor

Ana-Sofia is a Miami native that chose to never leave her hometown.  She attended FIU and is an attorney that graduated from the University of Miami School of Law.  Ana-Sofia finally became more than friends with her childhood neighbor after more than 10 years, and now they are happily married! She was a proud dog mom before she became a human mom, and after the birth of their now two-year-old son, Ana-Sofia has been lucky enough to work from home.  She loves traveling with her husband and son but also loves staying home curled up on the couch.  An avid Dave Matthews fan, Ana-Sofia is also a grammar freak, Harry Potter obsessed, Heat and UM cheering, and gardening loving mama that hopes she’s doing right by her son while trying to reduce her ecological footprint.  Follow her on Instagram as she tries to live each day fully @TheAnaMachine.

Rachelle Haime

Meet Our Contributors Rachelle Haime

Senior Contributor

Rachelle is a public relations manager turned SAHM. She was born in Miami but spent most of her life moving between Florida and Colombia, finally moving back to Florida in 2017 with her husband and 2 kids. Her experience with postpartum depression inspired her to become a maternal mental health advocate, and she started The Plentiful Cup blog and social media accounts because no mom should feel alone or unsupported. Rachelle shares her story in hopes that other women will feel more comfortable speaking up, asking for help, and practicing self-care to support their mental health. Moms gladly do everything for our families, but then what happens to us? She wants moms to know that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of their families and that they shouldn’t feel guilty about practicing self-care. We cannot fill anyone’s cup if ours is empty!

Sandra Jacquemin

Meet Our Contributors Sandra Jacquemin

Senior Contributor & Events Team

Sandra was originally born and raised in Miami attributing her upbringing to be of Brazilian influence from her mom and French by her father, so soccer, food, and a lust for life are her love languages (besides the 4 languages she is fluent in). After graduating from Gulliver, she pursued a degree in elementary education in college and then earned her bachelor’s with double majors in marketing and international business from FIU. While finishing up her university studies, she opened her marketing agency working with a vast roster of global brands for 15 years. Fast forwarding, she and her husband Julio (aka ‘Marine’), a former U.S. Marine, are first-time parents to son Marcelo. They currently reside in Pinecrest. She is still in marketing, balances life as a new mom, and will soon be launching a new business with her husband. Sandra joined Miami Mom Collective to encourage and empower other moms by sharing her entrepreneurial experience, Disney adventures, and journey transitioning to a nontoxic life.

Holly Farver

Holly Farver Headshot Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Senior Contributor

Holly has built her life around the value of family first. She is a native of Miami and has lived between Hialeah and Cooper City over the years. She is happily married to her husband of 36 years. They have two adult children that are both married with a child each. Pouring into the next generation is a passion she and her husband share as they both work in local public schools. Entering the season of being a Mimi has been exciting and she loves the giggles of toddler grandchildren. Holly’s faith is very important to her and she enjoys serving her community through the local ministries led by her children. Holly also loves music, reading, traveling, and sweet tea. Her heart is to share with other moms that the role of motherhood can be hard, but she is living proof of the great rewards to come. You are welcome to follow her journey of faith and family @hollefarv on Instagram.

Katrina Fraga-Torres

Katrina Fraga-Torres

Senior Contributor

Katrina is a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom/aunt and entrepreneur. After 7 years in education, she decided to leave the classroom and dedicate herself to her two children and her twin sisters’ babies. Going from the working world to being home completely changed her life and her perspective on motherhood. She started a blog page called Mom of 2 Without a Clue and followed it with a podcast by the same name. Miami is her hometown, and she is surrounded by her loud, loving, amazing Cuban family. She hopes that through her podcasts and blogs she can connect to other moms about all stages of motherhood, relationships, and life. It is important to share the highs and lows, so moms never feel alone in their journey. Katrina is also the owner of TyLu Jewels, a jewelry business inspired by and dedicated to her 2 two greatest treasures. Follow her on Instagram @momof2withoutaclue @tylujewels.

Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Senior Contributor & Events Team

Diana Llanso Garcia is a Miami native who is currently living down south in Homestead! She’s a stepmommy of a teenager and mom of 2. Did she mention they’re all girls? Her poor husband, even their family dogs are girls. She is currently a full-time claims adjuster for homeowner claims. She went to school abroad for college although she is not currently practicing what she went to school for. She loves spending time with her girls and her husband exploring new things in their city. Starbucks and Target runs are a definition of a good time in this household! One thing for sure is their house runs on faith, love, and coffee! Follow her on Instagram @Diana.Garcia_16

Janelle Fuente

Meet Our Contributors Janelle Fuente


Meet Janelle, a native Miamian, lively personality with contagious kindness and a lover of early morning quiet moments with a hot cup of dark coffee. She’s an advocate of pressing pause on the daily hustle to enjoy the life and the people right in front of us. After building a career she adored in hospitality and marketing, she made some hard career moves once she became a momma. She’s now growing daily on the entrepreneur journey, creating a life she’s able to savor. She invites you along as she shares her favorite hospitality and small business finds across Miami and as she shares self-care knowledge, tips and tricks… not to mention her natural boosts of encouragement for other women! She chases hard after serving her community through her work and leaving something of worth behind for the next generation. She’s a wife to husband, Gio, and momma to sweet little Liv. You’re invited to hang out with them @janelle_fuente on Instagram!

Amanda Bond

Meet Our Contributors Amanda Bond

Events Team

Amanda grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania as an athlete with a passion for health and fitness. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in 2004 and a master’s in elementary education from the University of Miami in 2006. Amanda quickly fell in love with the beautiful city of Miami and has since resided with her husband Craig, daughter Jayda, and son Terrence. Amanda and her family enjoy traveling, cruising to new places, and living an active lifestyle. Prior to growing her loving family, Amanda worked as an elementary teacher and swim instructor. With a passion to continue in the field of health and fitness, Amanda is now a certified coach for The FASTer Way and a Zyia Active rep. She has taken her love of education from the classroom, to the online community where she empowers women to feel confident and be the healthiest version of themselves. Follow her on Instagram @fitfam.mom2.

Jennifer Espino de Sera

Meet Our Contributors Jennifer Espino de Sera

Events Team

Jennifer Espino de Sera is a disciplined business professional with a strong logistics and strategic planning background specializing in the automotive industry.  Originally from New York, Jennifer moved to Miami at the age of eight and later pursued the art of Flamenco dancing, among other artistic expressions. She received her degree in psychology, and subsequently her MBA at Florida International University where she met her best friend and husband, Julio.  They have two amazing and curious little boys: Julio IV (5) and Joshua (3). Jennifer loves enjoying what Miami has to offer by exploring local parks, Zoo Miami, the myriad museums in South Florida, as well as live music events. God comes first in Jennifer’s life, and that of her family; a message that she aspires to bring to the lives of all of those around her.

Luisa Loynaz

Meet Our Contributors Luisa Loynaz

Events Team

Luisa is a born and raised Miami girl, but don’t let that fool you, there’s some country in this momma! Some of her favorite childhood memories include spending time on her stepfather’s ranch, learning how to ride horses, shoot up some targets, and play a mean game of pool! She studied education at MDC & FIU, but found a new path in life. Currently, she spends her days as a SAHM raising her two beautiful girls, helping run the family DJ/lighting/photobooth/special effects business, and trying to be a better wife, daughter and mother every day. She met her husband in 2008 on Facebook when he would promote his DJ clubbing days and would never step foot in a club. They’ve been married for 7 years and have two beautiful girls, Emma Sophia and Everly Grace. She looks forward to working and helping the Miami Moms Blog community any way she can.

Meli Rentas

Meet Our Contributors Meli Rentas

Events Team

Meli Rentas is a Miami-raised girl with Cuban-American parents. She was born in Fort Worth Texas were her dad was attending Southwestern Theological Seminary. After her dad completed seminary, Meli’s family moved back to Miami when she was four years old. She has a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in mental health counseling from Florida International University. She is also a state-certified school and guidance counselor and exceptional student educator. She has worked as a teacher, youth and adult counselor, and loves to help and serve families. After marrying and having her first son, Meli decided to stay home and dedicate herself to this new role as a mom. Throughout the past five years, she has both witnessed and experienced the real mental and emotional hardships of motherhood. It is her desire to encourage and equip mothers with all she’s learned both in mental health and as a mom on navigating this role with joy, love, and peace.

Zoe Costa

MMC Contributor Zoe Costa

Contributor & Events Team

Dr. Costa is a military spouse who is currently stationed in Miami, FL.  Her husband serves Active Duty in the the Coast Guard.  Together they have two beautiful girls who are 6 and 3 yrs old.  Moving every 3-4yrs made it challenging to pursue her career as a chiropractor, due to her husband’s job. Together, they made the difficult decision to pause her career until both of her girls were in school.  Dr. Costa had the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of the human body teaching anatomy and physiology at the college level when stationed in Long Island, NY.  Since moving to The Sunshine State, she has dedicated and focused her time to raising her daughters while working part-time as an online health and fitness coach.  Dr. Costa continues to educate her clients on how to live healthy and fulfilling lives through proper nutrition and fitness.  Follow along with her @survivalofthefittish_mom on Instagram.

Ivetsy Fernandez

Meet Our Contributors Ivetsy Fernandez Miami Moms Blog

Events Team

Ivetsy Fernandez a single, full-time working mom to a beautiful 7-year-old baby girl named Sophia. She was born in “Quisqueya la Bella,” Dominican Republic and her parents flew her to New York City from a very young age where she was raised with her two siblings. She moved to Miami in 2016 looking for better opportunities, and fell in love with the city and its warm weather! You can follow Sophia and Ivetsy’s adventures on Instagram @Lovelylife_Rose

Minerva Roca

Meet Our Contributors Minerva Roca

Events Team

Minnie is an outgoing, sweet, caring, and trustworthy 30-year-old Miami native of Cuban nationality. I am a mommy of 3, an 11-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old girl. I am a special needs mom. I love everything having to do with self-improvement for the mind-body and spirit. I have struggled with, and currently have, depression and anxiety. I am book smart, love school and learning, and have managed to finish my associate’s degree, finish a certification in event and wedding planning, and am finishing my bachelor’s degree in human resources and marketing. I have used my knowledge in marketing to build my Instagram, @imperfectlyminnie, am currently launching my own blog, to help other women and moms, and might look into YouTube in the future. I love to travel and dance and you can usually find me at therapy with the kids, at school, or at my grandpa’s house.

Jaselyn Herrera

MMC Events Team Member Jaselyn Herrera

Events Team

Jaselyn (Jazzy to her friends) is a Cuban-American quality assurance manager by day and a full-time problem solver around the clock! She was voted most unusual in high school and was president of her school’s gay and straight alliance club. Her household consists of a hardcore plumber, a toddler teenager, one mighty pug, and a feisty bearded dragon named Betty.

When she’s not working hard on enriching her career path, Jaselyn can be found enjoying South Florida in all its glory, from its delectable cuisine to its many year-round outdoor activities. Accompanied by her adventurous toddler, Mr. Mason, and her sometimes reluctant but accepting partner, Jasmanny, to experience new things, since Ren fests are always a must!

A true Aries at heart, she is determined, courageous, against negativity, quick-witted, direct while having a caring outlook on the world, and slightly intimidating at times in the best way. Jaselyn is never afraid to help anyone in need or fight for a good cause while keeping a sense of professionalism and humor.

Natasha Arias

Natasha Arias Contributor


Natasha was born and raised in Miami, FL. She is a proud UPS wife to a very hardworking husband. She is a proud mom of 3 magnificent kids: Nicole (23), Kaytlin (20), and Steven (17). She loves spending time with her family and going on vacation… who doesn’t?!  She owns a small business called Limitless Tee Co. It started off as a hobby but took off into what it is today. She’s also on Etsy.  She has had the business since 2019. 

A fun fact about her is she’s a huge I Love Lucy fan and collector, as well as a funko pop collector. She loves curling up on the couch with her husband and playing video games till late hours. She’s also a devoted fan of the New England Patriots and looks forward to football season. Life threw her a curveball when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2012, so she believes in living life to the fullest. She’s a firm believer that “Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does,” and that’s something she has instilled in her kids. Follow her on IG @limitlesscouple305.

Jacquelyn Palmer

Jacquelyn Palmer

Events Team

Jacqui was born in Colorado and raised in Michigan. She spent half of her life in Michigan and then moved back to Colorado for college to spend the other half of her life. She was previously a flight attendant where she met her husband (that’s its own story haha), and then moved down here to South Florida to be a full-time mom! She has been living in Homestead for almost six years now. She’s a military wife and a mother of a sweet little five-year-old, named Elaina. When she and Elaina are not at the zoo or exploring somewhere new, she really enjoys baking and doing makeup! She currently works and bakes for Heritage Market, a farmers market out in the Redlands. She also sells makeup on the side for a company called Younique. Although she enjoys staying busy, cuddling up with her little and two kitties on the couch watching a movie is one of her favorite activities. Also, anything including food, she’s in! Follow her on Instagram to see some of the fun makeup art she does and also meet her little family! @JacquiFaye

Jeany Vega

Jeany Vega

Events Team

Jeany was born and raised in Miami. She presently resides in West Kendall with her husband, 11-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, and their 2 fur babies. Along with being a full-time mom she also runs her company, DuElite MPR and DuElite Productions. Additionally, she works as an executive manager. She loves being involved in the community and is always looking for amazing resources and products for moms and kids. Another joy of hers is helping parents find fun things to do/places to go with kids. Reading is a passion of hers as is traveling, crafting, and photography. 

Daniella Trujillo

Daniella Trujillo


Daniella Trujillo, of Colombian descent, was born and lived in Norwalk, CT until the age of 5, then raised in Tampa, FL. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, graduating as a first-generation college student, with a B.A. in communication sciences and disorders. In 2014, she was led to Miami, where she attended Florida International University to obtain her M.S. degree in speech-language pathology. Over the last few years, she has dedicated herself to the field of speech-language pathology, working in a variety of settings as a bilingual pediatric therapist, and most recently, with adults. Currently, she works via telehealth. Daniella married her Miami-native husband in 2018, and they welcomed their miracle baby boy in June 2021. She is a woman of faith who enjoys drinking cafecito and exploring So Flo’! She feels grateful to join MMC and build lasting relationships. Connect with her on Instagram at @lalatinaspeechie

Charmaine Rappaport

MMC Events Team Member Charmaine Rappaport

Events Team

Charmaine is a Baltimore native who became a Miami Mom in 2015 when she moved down shortly after she graduated college and became pregnant with her first daughter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations with concentrations in marketing and speech communications. Charmaine reached out to Cierra and the Miami Mom Collective team while she was a stay-at-home mom to her first daughter. She realized that she needed an outlet to fellowship with other like-minded moms. Charmaine enjoys traveling, keeping active, and exploring local family-friendly spots with her husband Matthew and their three (sometimes five) kids ranging from ages 10 to 1 year old. Charmaine works at a non-profit and strives to find ways to give back to a community that she feels has given so much to her family. Follow her on Instagram @MrsCharmaineRappaport.

Kaegan Blomseth

Image: Kaegan Blomseth

Contributor, Events Team & Graphics

Kaegan Blomseth is a Miami native, and with a combination of Jamaican and Norwegian roots, she serves as a living testament to the city’s vibrant tapestry. She is married to her best friend, a seasoned robbery detective for the City of Miami. Equipped with a bachelor’s in education and a master’s in developmental disabilities and applied behavior analysis, she has dedicated her life to guiding young minds. Motherhood deepened her commitment when their sweet son encountered developmental hurdles, igniting her passion for accessible and effective resources. In 2020, she founded Starfish Holistic Learning, a progressive out-of-system learning center, as her way of injecting innovation into education. Committed to making a meaningful impact in her community, she advocates for diverse educational pathways. You can follow Kaegan on IG @starfishtutoringllc.

Ilana Lipson Cohen

Image: Ilana Lipson Cohen

Contributor & Events Team

Ilana counts her blessings as a beyond-full-time working mom and wife who has the romantic notion that she can cook like Ina yet appreciates the reality that Trader Joe’s is the most brilliant source of dinner. 

Her career began in New York’s film industry and over the years evolved into communications, branding, and growth strategy within a range of industries. At the intersection of creative development and data-driven strategy, her contributions are for the long-term: elevating brands, creating new sources of revenue, fostering engagement and building teams to achieve sustainable momentum. She offers fractional as well as in-house services, committed to supporting purpose-driven companies and organizations that are meaningful to her family. That commitment to values reaches beyond the office with volunteer work being central to family life. Proud to be a first-generation American-born on her maternal side and a second-generation Miamian on her paternal side, she has a degree in public relations from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism. 

Grateful for collaboration, Ilana values networking, fostering new connections, and nurturing longtime relationships: a perfect fit for Miami Mom Collective! Find her on Facebook@holdinghandsforeverbook, and at

Miriam Leon-Vazquez

Image: Miriam Leon-Vazquez

Contributor & Events Team

Meet Miriam, born and raised in Hialeah, FL. A lover of dancing, working out, music, football, Sunday family nights, coffee dates, beach days, traveling during the fall and winter, and trying new restaurants. She’s a mom of three: 2 stepdaughters and a son (Taylor, Andrea, and Liam). Miriam is an active sports momma. Aside from working full-time at a law firm and when she’s not on the football field cheering her son on or multitasking in the chaos at home, she’s consulting women-owned small businesses and creating workspaces. Fun fact: Miriam and her husband (married for 16 years) had a business building and refurbishing furniture. You would be able to find them as a pop-up shop at different markets.  She’s an advocate for self-care and self-love, passionate about empowering women, and believes in supporting and learning from each other as women and as mothers. Miriam has a mass communications/journalism degree and a paralegal degree as well as a certificate in interior decorating. She finds growth and inspiration when attending women’s networking events, workshops, and meet-ups with women in business. She’s grateful to join Miami Mom Collective and is excited about sharing resources with other moms within the football community. Connect with her and say hi on IG @iam_miriamleonvaz.

Felicia Shtivelman

Image: Felicia Shtivelman


Felicia Shtivelman is the founder and chief impact officer at Capabee, a professional training, coaching and organizational consulting firm. She brings over 20 years of consulting, management and leadership experience, helping clients (organizations and individuals) navigate complex business issues, organizational changes, team dynamics, and leadership development /career needs. She is an ICF & Board Certified Professional Coach and holds her MBA from the University of Miami (Go Canes!).

Felicia was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Miami in 2015. She is an expecting mother and now resides in Coral Gables with her husband, two young boys (4 and 2), her grandparents-in-law (99 and 93), and her rescue dog, Mowgli.

She is excited to be a part of the MMC community and looks forward to supporting moms as they navigate their careers, pursue their goals/professional development, and balance the demands of family life.

Connect with her on InstagramLinkedIn or at

Alina Perez

Image: Alina Perez

Events Team & Graphics

Alina M. Perez, a Miami-born native with Nicaraguan roots, is a proud two-time FIU alumna and first-time mom to fiery, curious, and loving little Jacob. Although faced with challenges, the lengthy path to motherhood proved immensely rewarding, ultimately leading her to her perfect little man. When not immersed in motherhood, she adores her feline babies, Sila and Glowen, embarking on road trips, indulging in thrillers, dressing up for Broadway, or simply unwinding with family. By day, Alina leverages her communication and event planning expertise as the program director of outreach for a grant-funded initiative at the School of Computing, while also teaching first-year students all at FIU. Excited to contribute to Miami’s vibrant mom community, she recognizes the importance of support (it takes a village) and self-care (some nice mom breaks) in thriving as a parent. With anticipation, she looks forward to expanding her loving family with her husband, with whom she’s been with for 13 years and counting.

Jackie Fiat

Image: Jackie Fiat


Jackie is a born and raised Miami native of Colombian and Peruvian nationality. She graduated from Florida International University where she studied digital marketing and communications.

After 10+ years of personal and professional experience in the corporate world, she decided to venture out and leave her 9-5 position. She founded a small marketing agency in 2021 during and after the pandemic. Her main focus has been to help small to mid-sized businesses with their marketing efforts through social media management and digital marketing.

She has been happily married to her husband since 2017, and they are now proud parents of two beautiful toddlers: Nathan and Camila. And let’s not forget their first baby, a very energetic chocolate Labrador named Mia. It’s safe to say her household is a beautiful chaos!

Jackie is constantly juggling mom life, while running a small business but continues to balance it all with determination. She likes to describe herself as a homebody at heart while finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Alexandra Golovac

Image: Alexandra Golovac


Alexandra Golovac is a certified nutritionist and culinary-trained chef. Her passion for nutrition education and elementary and junior high school cooking classes has led her to her career of over 10 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology at the University of Miami. From there she earned her Culinary Arts degree and master’s in gastronomy and food studies from Boston University. She completed her education with a certification as a fitness nutritionist and a master’s certification from Maryland University of Integrative Health in clinical nutrition and integrative health. Her practice and philosophy of nutrition is real life, easy and applicable.

Luana Peixoto

Image: Luana Peixoto

Contributor & Video

Luana is a South Florida native born in Miami and raised in the Florida Keys. After moving away to central Florida for school, she moved back to Key Largo in 2019 to raise her family. She is a mommy to two smart and sassy little girls ages 2 and 4. In September 2023 she opened a coffee truck inspired by her Brazilian heritage. Her favorite part about being a small business owner? That her daughters get to see her working hard and accomplishing the things she sets her mind to. Luana is passionate about encouraging and uplifting other women. Healthy relationships and community is so important to our mental well-being, especially as busy moms! 

Inge Lange

Image: Inge Lange

Events Team & Video

Inge Lange, aka Cookie, is married to her life coach–as she calls her husband–with two children, 9 and 11 years old. She’s a project manager for a luxury cruise line and a member of the Miami Springs Woman’s Club, where she serves as corresponding secretary.

Inge was born in New York to Ecuadorian parents. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Universidad Laica in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and a Project Management Certificate from the University of Miami. She’s been living in Miami for almost 28 years, working exclusively in the travel industry, from airlines to cruise lines. This has given her the opportunity to travel and learn from different cultures and realities. From her love of crafts and organizing birthday parties for her kids, Tutu Factory by Cookie was born.

She is happy and grateful to be able to collaborate with Miami Mom Collective.

Elena Jimenez

Image: Elena Jimenez

Events Team & Graphics

Upon moving from Colombia to Miami at the age of 16, Elena went to South Miami High School and later enrolled in a fashion design program at Miami International University of Art and Design. Besides her primary studies, she has various side professions including colorist/textile and teaching.

She’s a proud mother of two wonderful kids–Isaac, who is 8 years old, and Ivanna, who is 3 years old. Motherhood has its share of highs and lows, but the love and comfort she receives from her partner always helps her get through challenging days. They have known each other for 17 years; their relationship has lasted for 10 years and continues to grow stronger.

In her free time, when she is not with her family, she enjoys making crafts and working on her small business creating pinatas and party crafts. You can find me showcasing my creations at @faustinadesigns. She loves being creative and bringing joy to others through her handmade items. Creating unique pieces brings her happiness and satisfaction, and she hopes to continue perfecting her craft in the future.

Katherine Villar

Image: MMC Contributor Katherine Villar

Contributor & Events Team

Katherine Villar, or just Kathy, is a woman in her thirties who has already lived in 4 countries and loves Latam and its cultural diversity. Mother of 2 wonderful girls and a wife in love. She was born in Perú, studied in Argentina, moved twice to Mexico, and recently to Miami. Kathy is also a TV & movie producer who has made more than a dozen movies and in 2020 started a career in scripted development departments.

“There is no impossible.” When she couldn’t travel to take some courses to grow her career because of her duties, she founded “Seccion Industrial,” an online film school to offer film courses from renowned professionals to Latin American aspiring filmmakers so that they can grow their careers.

Her diverse interests include biohacking, social causes, wellness, parenting, and dancing.