Disney Freebies: Grab One or More (Plus Other Inexpensive Tips)


What? I can get things for free at Disney? It’s difficult to believe but yes, you can actually save while visiting the parks with a Disney freebie or few. I don’t need to convince anyone of the value of what you get at Walt Disney World Parks, but for sure there are Disney freebies you can get that won’t cost you anything (or very little). If you’re planning an end-of-the-year trip, you might wanna keep this post. 

Image: A family poses for a fall-themed photo on Main Street

‘Tis True, Some Things In Life Are Free (or Almost)!

Souvenir Buttons. Ok, this one is a good Disney Freebie! If you stop in most of the shops upon entering the park, you can ask for your free button(s). If you’re celebrating a new job or a 1st time visit, whatever it is, you can request one or several free. They will even write in your (occasion/name) for you in marker. 

Ice water. This one shocked my husband on our last trip. As he was ordering our food and paying for 2 bottled waters, a gentleman walked up and asked for 6 ice waters. Yes, it’s free, so don’t pay for water at any park!

Fireworks with a view. My husband will kill me for sharing this. One of the things we love to do (to avoid crowds) is take the monorail (another Disney freebie) over to the Grand Floridian from Magic Kingdom at about 8:30 PM or so. We go to the Gasparilla Grill quick service, grab some bites, and sit outside on the beautiful waterfront patio with views of Cinderella Castle. At 9 PM the show starts and you not only watch the show from there, but they have speakers playing exactly what you’d hear inside the park. All of the music and feels, a beautiful uncrowded view while you grab dinner (p.s. see tip #2 below).

Skyliner and Monorail. Take a ride. Something we love to do is also watch the fireworks from the sky. We head over to France in EPCOT, grab some beverages and cheeses or dinner to go, and jump on the Skyliner right there. (Our go-to cocktail is the Kir Royale which consists of crème de cassis topped with champagne.) It’s a pleasant relaxing ride, with amazing views of fireworks from sometimes 2 or 3 simultaneously. The monorail is always fun to go resort hopping. Both free!

Image: A little boy on Disney's Skyliner, one of many Disney Freebies

Pixie Dust and Blessings. This is something special and memorable for your daughters. Inside the Princess Store behind Cinderella Castle, you can get blessed with a wish and real Pixie dust. 

Free Disney Diamond. Okay, full disclosure, we have tried and have yet to get this. But different reports say they’ve gotten it. Either it’s by the discretion of the jeweler or supplies. Head over to Disney Springs inside the International Diamonds Store, and ask for a Disney Heart Necklace. (Good luck!)

Free Birthday Cupcake. Speaking of Disney Springs, if you register your birth date with Sprinkles, you’ll get a free cupcake! 

EPCOT “Kidcot Stations.” A lot of friends think it’s not for kids, but EPCOT is one of our favorite parks. There are a few fun rides but SO much to see and learn about. Each country in the pavilion offers a free activity for kids. There’s mask painting in Italy and origami making in Japan, plus so much more. (NOTE: remember to pick up your Kidcot Suitcase at the EPCOT Fun Stop.) You’ll also receive a country card and sticker at each stop. Show your completed Passport for another Disney Freebie. Yes, it’s also sponsored by Ziploc.

Selfies and Autographs. Okay, you’d think it’s obvious but not to some. Taking selfies and getting autographs are Disney freebies. A great idea is taking a blank canvas frame and having characters sign as you go, makes your own great memory later you can put your family pic in. Note, you can also ask Cast Members to take your photo! 

Image: A family poses for a photo op at Disney

Kids Under 3 are Free. Okay, this is a major Disney freebie. Kids under 3 get into the parks free and they eat free! 

Here are a few *almost* Disney Freebies that cost a few bucks but serve up memories.

Popcorn Buckets. One popcorn usually costs about $6. It’s a great snack on the move that everyone can dig into (also sidebar: kids usually spill it everywhere). That said, if you’re visiting a few parks, it is totally worth it. The standard Disney bucket celebrating 100 years right now is about $13. The other limited editions are anywhere from $18-25 typically. Also, they make a great trick-or-treat basket for your kids. Also worthy to note, EPCOT has different flavors of popcorn, like Maple popcorn in Canada. Not a Disney freebie, but depends on how you look at it. The popcorn buckets serve up unlimited popcorn for the duration of your trip in all parks and Disney Springs.

Souvenir Refillable Mugs. So if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, this is a MUST. We have several of them by now. Unlimited self-serve beverage stations are available at select quick-service restaurants located in Walt Disney World theme parks and resort hotels. Includes coffee and hot chocolate! *Note #3 above.

Pins. Prices vary but this is always a fun activity kids (and adults) love to participate in. You can purchase a pin, and trade with Cast Members throughout the parks. 

Unpopular Opinion. My husband might disagree here, but for a couple bucks you can get pressed pennies. The machines are fun for the kids and there are different characters throughout. Our son calls them treasures thanks to his preschool teachers. (We heart you).

Japan Snacks. If you’re a foodie, pick up some fun snacks to try at EPCOT’s Japan. There are several KitKat flavors and other yummies to try.

Have you snagged any of these Disney freebies before? Or do you have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments!

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